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  1. Hy guys again me now this is my question: i downloaded a stunt map but i dont know how to put in my server because is not a dm or race!So pls help me guys!
  2. Hy guys i have another question: can somebody give me a download link for a warn system.For example for this warn system:the admin can warn somebody and if he warn them xy ours it will be banned xy hours!Pls help me again
  3. OK but where because im nobb in this domain so pls help me.?
  4. Ok this works but how i can eliminate the doublechat effect?
  5. HY guys i try to search a script what puts [Admin] in front of your name and i got one but with that i must put /adm command in front off my text and this is annoying so if you know pls write here a normal script like that!
  6. Hy guys i downloaded many login panel scripts but i can t register with them!If you can pls put here a downloadlink for one what works! pls help me
  7. HY,i have a question,how i can map a thing but to dont be a dm race etc to be there in play mode? pls help me guys
  8. Now i started this resource but the command still not working!
  9. tnx i made it but now t /godmode command is not working,what could i do?
  10. Hy,im really noob in this domain so i ask a question: how i can put a downloaded script like godmode in my server? pls help
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