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  1. IMHO, Zone alarm & BlackIce r poop. NIS (norton internet security...) doesn't even compare since it's a resource whore. Sygate all the way...
  2. I just go the opposite way of the person(s) I see cheating. I already know they got infinite ammo.. and health. So why bother? They just gonna blow my car up or worse.. shoot out my tires And if they got thier cars modded.. to some rediculous spec (i.e 100+ engine acceleration) then I can't even outrun them very well. But.. owell, I'll just keep playin.. cuz I really don't care that much.
  3. Pfff.. you're just trying to scare dumb kids. You'll hack me and do what?! Move my mouse around my screen some? Crash my HD? Personally, I couldn't care what you think you're going to do. I wouldn't even come to your server let alone cheat there. Let me just state a few facts though. 1.) Hacking is illegal. 2.) If you're a U.S resident then you can easily be prosecuted. 3.) There is NO way to completely mask your host address. 4.) Your ISP must give up information to law enforcement agencies regarding criminal activities. 5.) You never know who that stranger is on the opposite side
  4. NiNjai

    NO CD hack?

    Yeah.. there's no real technical data on that pdf document. That's merely a marketing spread. I really do not care to argue over something I already know is correct. If you do not realize that CRC is part of the process and essentially a key factor.. well, that's you. Cya
  5. NiNjai

    NO CD hack?

    Oh, my terminology may be slightly inaccurate. However, safedisc 2 does use CRC checks.. and you should research a bit more before assuming you know anything. No-CD cracks are legal if you actually own a "backup" At least.. in the country I live in. But as Blokker stated, running 2 seperate copies of 1 licensed material(s) is illegal.
  6. Again, one straw short. I only suggested regedit. I never suggested what to do with it. If you delete.. the reg entry completely.. then it was never installed. Doesn't take a genious to figure that one out. I never would imply to 'hack' or alter ASE's key system.. that's illegal. Deleting reg keys on your machine however, isn't.
  7. NiNjai

    NO CD hack?

    Right. Well, I'm glad you can decide that I'm ignorant from one post. But what I said was indeed accurate. MTA does not have any CD-checks built into it. Nor, would I imagine any will ever be built in. The only cd checks are in the original game .exe. Which, are easily bypassed. They are, CRC checks (cyclonic redundancy checks) They would not have to make an "option" like you posted above for such "mechanisms" since there is no need to.
  8. NiNjai

    NO CD hack?

    I'm very aware of what I just said. Would you like me to explain?
  9. Hard to believe someone prefers gamespy over ASE. As for the trial period.. ever heard of regedit?
  10. NiNjai

    NO CD hack?

    Uh.. CRC protection is encoded into MTA? I doubt that. Only the game itself has CRC protection.. and it's easily bypassed.. check out GCW..
  11. You guys are lookin for the wrong exit point.. this "protection" will be bypassed in moments after .2 is released. Maybe not public, but I'm willing to bet since this game has so many fans.. "they" will become public. Good luck on your war
  12. try matching your ingame rez to your desktop rez + bpp. (16 or 32 bit)
  13. The effort is much appreciated from myself. And for the time being, IMHO.. the .1 version is fine with me even with the crashes.
  14. win9x.. should have no trouble. But the thing with winme is.. it's just a fukd OS. Buggy POS. I can't help with your problem other than advising on changing OS's. Win2k is overly a solid platform.. and is what I'd recommend for lower-end machines + hazardous users. WinXP is the same as 2k.. but requires a *decent* machine.
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