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  1. Dodge34, you actually want to cheat because you die sometimes??? lol... thats just funny
  2. Nice work guys!! great pics... keep on the good work! Can't wait untill its released.. untill than, I'll just race and stunt hehe
  3. The guys that are in your team have an arrow above their head... the rest that you see... must die
  4. Woohoo.. finally I subscribed right away..
  5. you go girl!!! but why not support them both?!! I support everything that has a multiplayer function on gta3 :D Well... I'm to happy for my good grade I got today.. to cry about a delay.. who cares... once there will be a time when we all play mta/ggm whatever Damn I'm happy Good luck team... u2 blokker (you weren't nice to me on mirc.. but who cares.. I'm happy ) probably was a bit tired
  6. 7H47 W45N'7 3V3N H4RD 70 R34D... U5U4LLY 1 QU17 4F73R 4 F3W 53N73NC35.. BU7 7H15 0N3 W45 0K. hehe cya...
  7. Very cool.. to have some street fights in the dark.. that will rock.. Now we don't have to wait untill it gets dark, but we can beat eachother all night long
  8. I totaly agree blokker_1999! But (I haven't seen the other mod yet.. can't be worse than 0.2 because 0.2 didn't work on my computer) I think that 2 teams.., well he's alone but ok.. can be good Now you've got competition and must try to make it better than the other one.. or it won't be played ! So fur us, the players, this is perfect.. you should release quickly to show that you also can do miracles Well I support this team though.. your dutch and so am I! Make something good of it and I really hope that 0.3 works now.. because I'm sick of error 7 And ow.... why don't I see any progre
  9. Well the specialists is also a nice one.. you can make some awsome jumps
  10. BoBo


    Well keep on posting and you'll see it
  11. I've got the same dude... and it rulezz.. some of my friends can't play it, but I can
  12. BoBo


    Have you got a social life dude..??
  13. WHoohoo thats good.. finally can check my ping Damn I just can't wait.. version 0.1 & 0.2 didn't work because of the runtime error 7 ...
  14. It could be fun..I guess... but I guess running and stuff is what makes it different from other games.. you can go almost anywhere .. Maybe seeing eachother on the radar so you'll always now where they are, because otherwise you might never find eachother Well the money idea in general is real good !! But I agree we need to do something with the money like buying a nice gun
  15. I'm new to this forum.. just checking it out! Well I just wanted to say that the CTC idea is real good and I already downloaded the game.. just need to install it though The new colour thing (at least I think it new didn't saw it @ the old forum) is good! Well I'm hoping for a new release of both.. 0.3 and the new woopie keep up the good work BoBo
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