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  1. Hi all, I came to see if you have the script look like this If someone gets Stats Life Kicked By 1000 it is 5 Seconds uza think the following commands. setTimer getPlayerHealth ? Please I hope helps
  2. PleaseScript


    People can someone ajduar me when I iconify the MTA and open the one mistake he From Crash Error encountered ... Anyone know how arranges all pq hr did not happen before this
  3. Type my friend when typing / all vehicles vai 1 car home player server.
  4. NonO The Vehicle only doing this to me I wanted isse for all server; ( Please Help
  5. Please someone help me I want the following when entering / allvehicles It's the car I want so kind / allvehicles 512 Ae all server won the car 512 Could someone help me Thanks. function consoleCreateVehicle ( sourcePlayer, commandName, ... ) if ( sourcePlayer ) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( sourcePlayer ) -- get the player's position local vehicleName = table.concat({...}, " ") local vehicleID = getVehicleModelFromName ( vehicleName ) local newVehicle = createVehicle ( vehicleID, x, y, z ) warpPedIntoVehicle (sourcePlayer , n
  6. USE THESE FUNCTIONS: getPlayerTeam, spawnPlayer function SpawnTeam ( thePlayer ) local team = getPlayerTeam ( thePlayer ) if ( getTeamName( team ) == "Policia" ) then spawnPlayer ( thePlayer, 2290.5969238281, 2452.1838378906, 10.8203125 ) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", SpawnTeam ) ??????????
  7. Hi guys some Spawn has a type that is to gang the guy in the gang Police ai ta when he dies I put a spawn in a place just for this gang's when the guy dies and this gang is going to spawn q I colokei her Can someone help me thanks
  8. Oa likes what I do to open that panel only with admin Thanks Client Side function Window ( ) if ( guiGetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1] ) == true ) then guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1], false ) showCursor ( false ) else guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1], true ) showCursor ( true ) end end GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} GUIEditor_Label = {} GUIEditor_Image = {} GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(158,61,267,377,"Teleports By xRg3'iSantista",false) g
  9. unexpected symbol near "local" Please Help
  10. Hello guys, can someone get me a script that the vehicle for all server type so I type / darcarro ID / NAME al all wins that vehicle. thank you
  11. Hello folks, I wanted to do the following type person soon gained such ai ai level when he goes out and back on the server and it logs it back to the same level Could someone help me Thanks. exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn("EXP") exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn("Patente") function win(ammo, killer, weapon, bodypart) local H = getElementData(killer, "EXP") or 0 local S = getElementData(killer, "Patente") local killer = getPlayerName(killer) local noob = getPlayerName(source) if killer and killer ~=source then setElementData(killer, "EXP", to
  12. Hello people I was wondering if anyone knows how to do what I want it like when someone we enter / createMarker a message to all event created successfully enter / irevento go the player to enter into the Marker that the administrator created a system of type event if someone could help me I appreciate Thank you and until it function consoleCreateMarker ( thePlayer, commandName ) if ( thePlayer ) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( thePlayer ) local theMarker = createMarker ( x + 2, y + 2, z, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 0, 170 ) if ( theMarker ) then
  13. When the player kills the other in the following script The Following Error ERROR: [gameplay]\scores\scores.lua : 10 attem to perform arithmetic on a boolean value exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn("EXP") exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn("Level") function win(ammo, killer, weapon, bodypart) local H = getElementData(killer, "EXP") local S = getElementData(killer, "Level") local killer1 = getPlayerName(killer) local noob = getPlayerName(source) if killer and killer ~=source then setElementData(killer, "EXP", tonumber(H)+1) if tonumber(H) ==
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