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  1. And to prove a point, for shit and giggles I tried to register a few more accounts there to try and install it, and even tho the webpage accepts the registration when I try to install the client I get " Your computer is already associated with another account.. please login to using the account that was already registerd" I would if I could.. Again, failures.
  2. Been trying to install this for the last week... before it was just timing out which I understand was due to a moving of servers... fair enough.. Lets forget for the moment the terrible mess their webpage is.. its confusing and offers no half direct links to what people want. It involves reading a massive chuck on info the average player is simply not interested in before they can even begin to find a download link - whoever designed the webpage I'm nearly convinced they are unemployed - and theres a reason - ayways, moving on - When I try to install it, I enter my username and password which I registered on the website days ago I get the following error... " You provided an invalid serial number. Please try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, please contact a MTA member. I think at this stage I'm not going to bother and will stick with sa:mp. At no point during the registration on the webpage or the install does it mention a 'serial number' I'm not a kid, and have been working and hosting large amounts of online games for nearly 2 dozen different games over the last 12 years and all I have to say is this.. I have never.. ever come accross a more retarded install of a basic client in all my years... theres a reason why MTA is virtually unknown. You follow the steps to install and you can't because it requires a magical serial number which is never mentioned until you get an install error. I noticed a massive thread of people requestion a serial number..... but again when you register and install it asks for a username and password.. and you only learn of a exsitance of this magical serial number when you try to install or on the thread? (and again, the forums are messy and categorys so messy - but thats another issue, just reinforces my opinion of MTA developers being idiots) Its sad, and pathetic, and when the developers are lying in bed at night wondering why what they work on is far far from a sucess, and from what I can tell, a failure, I hope they have the intelligence to figure out why - altho because of the current system I doubt they do. In short - idiots. Explains why sa:mp, which lets face it has far crapper code etc is still so much more superior and popular than MTA. Pathetic, well done MTA team.. you really are special.. is in special olympic sence. Not many people can turn something with a good solid core, spend months working on it to update it only to have it impossible to install by people. Special doesn't cover it, you're in your own league there, congratulations. I half expect this thread to be closed/deleted because less face it, they made a major fu ckup and due to the obvious lack of intellience used in creating this client I'm sure they close/remove alot of threads that critise their work. Welcom failure guys, I'm sure your real life is a reflection of this, even tho you would never admit it in public, but as you lie in bed alone at night.. 'm sure you know it yourselves. Love.. E