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  1. And to prove a point, for shit and giggles I tried to register a few more accounts there to try and install it, and even tho the webpage accepts the registration when I try to install the client I get " Your computer is already associated with another account.. please login to using the account that was already registerd" I would if I could.. Again, failures.
  2. Been trying to install this for the last week... before it was just timing out which I understand was due to a moving of servers... fair enough.. Lets forget for the moment the terrible mess their webpage is.. its confusing and offers no half direct links to what people want. It involves reading a massive chuck on info the average player is simply not interested in before they can even begin to find a download link - whoever designed the webpage I'm nearly convinced they are unemployed - and theres a reason - ayways, moving on - When I try to install it, I enter my username and password wh
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