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  1. The vehicles aren't the problem, its all about the objects. The maps got 1800 objects, when i load them everyone has low fps, when i unload them the fps increases
  2. But why do i get low fps even though the map-objects are far away from the player and aren't streamed in? Lets say the map is near San Fierro, but i got low fps when i'm in Los Santos
  3. Already done, but i still dont get more then 21 FPS
  4. The problem does also occur on other pc's not just mine and all actual drivers a installed
  5. Hello, i got the following Problem: We have some maps on our server. Alltogether they consist of around 1800 objects. When starting the resource which loads these maps, my fps ( and the fps of other players too ) fall on 21 FPS instead of 60 FPS. How could i fix this porblem without deleting any objects in these map-files?
  6. Hey guys, i tried to save the recently bought vehicle in my MySQL Database, but it doesnt work. local c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7, c8, c9, c10, c11, c12 = getVehicleColor(kauffahrzeug, true) local l1, l2, l3 = getVehicleHeadLightColor (kauffahrzeug) local leerwert = 0 local v1, v2 = getVehicleVariant (kauffahrzeug) --mysql_query(handler, "UPDATE servercore SET WERT = '"..new_key.."' WHERE NAME = 'FREIERCARKEY';") outputChatBox(leerwert) mysql_query(handler, "INSERT INTO fahrzeuge (`CARKEY`, `BESITZER`, `MODEL`, `COLOR1`, `COLOR2`, `COLOR3`, `COLOR4`, `COLOR5`, `COLOR6`, `COLOR7
  7. How could i solve this Servercrash when i cant disable /exit?
  8. Hi, is it possible to disable the default /exit command? Because the server crashes everytime someone disconnects by typing "/exit".
  9. Yes it works fine. Also it works fine when i load the standard freeroam-script and get the weapon.
  10. It isnt modded, its freshly installed yesterday
  11. Just with some weapons, mp5 for example works, but most of them dont work
  12. No, debugscript 3 and console didnt output any errors
  13. Hey, i write a command for admins to give a specific player a gun including ammo, it works so i can see the weapon icon in the right upper corner, but the weapon is not visible at the model. When i try to aim or to shoot the game crashes. -- Waffe geben function GiveGun(thePlayer, command, spieler, waffe, ammo) if(getElementData(thePlayer, "eingeloggt") == 1) then local alevel = getElementData (thePlayer, "adminlevel") if(alevel > 0) then if spieler then if waffe then if ammo then if not getPlayerFromName(s
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