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  1. You can use GetPlayerIP or GetPlayerSerial.
  2. ماشاء الله تبارك الله بالتوفيق واستمر
  3. You mean different game-modes ? You can change the dimension for sure and make your own game-mode. Start coding : Scripting_Introduction Introduction_to_Scripting_the_GUI Debugging Writing_Gamemodes Resources
  4. In scripting section you can not ask someone to write you a code we just give you what you need to get the job done so by asking someone for a full code that does not help you at all you will never learn programming and believe me you will not enjoy it if someone did your task for you so think about it twice and start coding even if you could not do it just post what you have tried and we will help. Start reading and learning and stop copying
  5. You should use tables to create 'VEHICLES,MARKERS And Blips' For each player in the server side. Also check the wiki for the 'onMarkerHit' Event handler. Good luck!
  6. Parameters element hitElement, bool matchingDimension hitElement: the element that hit the marker. matchingDimension: a boolean representing whether the element is in the same dimension as the marker. Source The source of this event is the marker that got hit by the element Also what about show us the part of your code that your having a problem with?
  7. عليكم السلام اذا الكلمة تبيها تظهر للكل لازم تسوي ترايقر للسيرفر سايد
  8. عليكم السلام موجودة في الادمن استخدم : Call لاستدعاء الوظيفة أدناه getPlayerCountry ( player thePlayer )
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