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  1. it worked but now its crashing again here's pastebin http://pastebin.com/1nHqT6xt
  2. omg its crashing again here's pastebin http://pastebin.com/pWTxAbjY
  3. also says 404 not found also the server is mini missions it crashes for some reason help
  4. also in servers with lots of people it crashes...
  5. also i downloaded all the drivers and installed them correctly but still crashes kinda anyway
  6. ok here it is Jaysds also how do you put those coll things below what you wrote like gta canadian call of duty and stuff? http://pastebin.com/R37gmM72
  7. it kinda worked but not fully i still crash after 20 mins also do i have to run MTADiag everyday or do something else?
  8. Towncivilian i will reply tomorrow if it works its late now since i live in the UK
  9. So i am playing a game online after 5-10 mins it freezes and i hold CTRL+ALT+DELETE open up windows task manager and it says not responding i have tried to put it at 800x600 resolution and low detail but still crashes i am running it on a Windows 7 32 Bit System with a 512mb Video Card Thx!
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