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  1. Help me ! I want to put a little sound effect when I open and close my GUI Thanks
  2. Error: Attemp to perform arithmetic on local 'x' (a boolean value) Warning: Bad argument @ 'getElementPosition' And I don't want command, I want the map to start with the truck and trailer attached, like a spawnpoint
  3. I try this: for i, vehicle in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle"))do if vehicle then if(getVehicleName(vehicle) == "Roadtrain")then local trailer = createVehicle(435, 3469.1201171875, -1544.19921875, 4.9000000953674) if trailer then attachTrailerToVehicle(vehicle, trailer) end end end end but, I spawn just with the Trailer ._. and I want spawn with the Truck attached with the Trailer Help me
  4. The truck with the trailer is attached successfully, but not spawnpoint as I wanted.. How i do the player spawn in this vehicle?
  5. Hi , I'm making one map and the spawn is a truck, and I want this truck spawn with a Trailer (Petrotr) linked It's possible? If yes, how?
  6. Buymap function of a race userpanel dont work I buy one map normally, but is not set to the next map Some help? function buyMap(thePlayer,mapName) if mapIsAlreadySet == false then if not (mapName == "") then local playerCash = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"cash")) if playerCash >= mapCost then executeCommandHandler("pnfnsdhasd3w7432jhdsbw3ersdncsdir",thePlayer,mapName) savePlayerData(thePlayer,"cash",playerCash-mapCost) outputChatBox("#FFFFFFNextmap: "..getPlayerName(thePlayer).."#FFFFFF has
  7. I'm beginner, help me make this function?
  8. showMessage(getPlayerName(activePlayers[1]) .. ' Won this map!', 255, 255, 255) getPlayerName <-- How to make this returns with the colors of the player's nickname? Thanks
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