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  1. I bought SA a few days ago from Best Buy, and I'm running Vista Home Premium. I tried the downgrader for the 2nd edition and after installing it, I tried to start up SA by itself and it gave me an error about "inserting the original CD/DVD into the drive". I have the original disc in there, but it won't load it. But if I don't use the downgrader and just use it as the second edition, it loads fine... I'm guessing it's not compatible with Vista, and I did try to switch the compatibility mode for SA to XP:SP2 under properties, it still didn't take.
  2. Thank you Decay, that link worked fine. MAD_BOY, gonnaplay.com has it mirrored to wojje (I think your old hosting provider) which I click "DOWNLOAD NOW" and it doesn't work, it just shows an announcement from May about their "New" website. Also tried your mirror, it didn't work. However, gamecenter.cz started to work again, but it's slow.
  3. Ok, I know in the beginnning it sounds dumb, and I've known where to download MTA (been here since version .1.0. Anyways, I clicked to download MTA .4.1 Client. THe first link went to gonnaplay, which apparently has some odd problem saying something about their website and you can't download MTA from there. I clicked the second mirror and that never loaded. So is there I link I can use to download MTA.
  4. I already did, works better now except now I can't see anymore.
  5. uh oh... "Disconnected: Client CRC Check Mismatch. (Delay = 10 sec)" And I just got it .3 too... I got it off RolPol server. Maybe I should try another download...
  6. Thanks for the help. Anyways, I'm getting DSL soon, SBC finally becomes my bitch!!!
  7. Really? Can you still time out even if the ping is pretty good. (as I am usually in the middle range of ping mine isn't like 121246 more around 300)
  8. No it is not a cracked CD. I have the "Play" CD in my D:/ drive. Never saw a cracked CD thingy in my life either...
  9. I have the MTA:VC .2.2 version with a Vice City purchased at Best Buy(for those who wanna know). I run Windows XP Home with SP1. Pentium4 2.26GHz, 512 ram, 32mb nvidia video card, and soundmax sound card. Anyways, my problem is that MTA:VC shuts down while I play. I just play for one small bit and then no one moves. I exit Vice City and notice that MTA "disappears". It shuts down like this frequently. I have tried using the Windows 98 compatability mode. It turned out worse than the settings I had for it before. I DO use a 56k modem but my ping is still pretty low. Its usually about 1
  10. Well I haven't bothered visiting the MTA site from school as I have no need to do so since Vice City isnt on their network (or like any school does ) Anyways, Grand Theft Auto is a "M" rated game and it is usually blocked as it promotes violence. It does somewhat promote Criminal Skill activity in a hilarious sort of way as very few (but there are those who shoot because of the influence) do things in real life from a video game. Also keep in mind as some "modern" (yeah right) networked schools monitor where you visit and what you do. If your busted... well not like something bad happens,
  11. Perhaps you can blow it up yourself and wait for the respawn of an *unarmed* vehicle?
  12. No you don't understand, it would be your server that holds the account data, there wouldn't need to be any central servers or anything. Just like it is your server that records your server stats. Although that is a great idea. Data pooling. Check out the world ranking of the players of the server you are about to join! Keffa How safe would our passwords be on their server?
  13. What can I say, with all the players in MTA, the server wouldn't hold all of the players names stats or whatever. MTA makes NO MONEY as something like Ghost Recon made by Ubi Soft has millions of dollars which they can afford a server to hold every player and account there is. MTA would most likely need 2-7 servers just to hold the accounts for MTA if we would require them to register names before they can play.
  14. Blank Space


    Well where have you been? Good thing you came along. Great, Problem Solved what a relief! Well it still isnt quite cheat proof either....
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