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  1. Whats up guys, im here for a Script/Resource Request. Something allowing you to edit weapon damage. I think this would be good because some weapons in the DM gamemode are severely underpowered. Shotgun sucks, UZI and TEC-9 are horrible. It would be nice if a Moderator or a Pro Scriptor could look into this. The script would work like a normall resource you launch by typing "/Start (NAME)" or by starting it form the Admin Panel. The script would be good if it worked by a simple ".lua" script with all the default weapon damages and i could just change them through there and launch the resource
  2. Im playing on a server which i am admin on. I downloaded Slothbot, which is a mod which allows bots to be added to the server gamemode. It says that the spawn function/syntax is: element spawnBot ( float x, float y, float z, int rotation = 0, [ int skinID = 0, int interior = 0, int dimension = 0, team theTeam = nil, int weapon = 0, string theMode = "hunting", element theModesubject = nil ] ) Now where do i put that? Do i type it in the console? Please respond i have no idea how to use spawn syntax features for any mod as there are no instructions on where to put it? Here is the wiki of t
  3. I set up a server for me and my friends using a Hamachi Network, Everything works fine Although i have a problem, whenever i start any gamemode and set map everyone upon death respawns just fine but when i decide to change gamemode or just a map once anyone dies they never respawn, the countdown to respawn does not even appear either when it should, when this happens the camera is looking at your death spot and floating higher into the sky whilse doing this when there is meant to be a respawn time shown on screen and you never respawn. (Once again only happens when ever i change a map or game
  4. Please i really want to add Zombies to my server Can Anyone Help?
  5. I just downloaded Zday for my server. I put the folder (resource in the proper directory). I know its the right directory because thats where my Weapon Panel and my Maps/Gamemodes are and they all work from there. I also downloaded a compatible Zday map "Ztown" and also put that in the resources folder. I then launched my server opened my admin panel started the Zday Resourse and set Ztown as the map with its compatible gamemode CDM (Classic Death Match). The map and resource started and i was playing in the map. NO zombies spawned. The zombie count was at 0 the whole time These were erro
  6. I am creating a race map with checkpoints. i have made 35 checkpoints but when i play or test it the 27th checkpoint acts like the last one and ignores the rest of them why is this? Yes checkpoint 27th has got next checkpoint as 28th set in options although it wont do it. On the actuall editor i do see the arrows linking up all the checkpoints in order even 27th points to 28th and so on to 35 but whe i play the game checkpoint 27th is the last one and shows up as the finish line checkpoint and just ignores 28th it doesnt even show up on the minimap as the next checkpoint coming. the red trian
  7. I searched on youtube that it can be done using my method and it has been done many times, i even searched on google and it can only be done with the map2ipl converter. i followed all the sintructions carefully even watched a tutorial video but it doesnt seem to work for me and thats why i am a bit bummed about this, as i did follow and do everything the guy did on the video and written tutorial and both the video tutorial and the text tutorial were the same so i am not doing anything wrong. is there any setting or data i need to change or modify to get it to work?
  8. Well is there anybody with any bit of info? That can help?
  9. I converted the .map to .ipl successfully then i called it ramp.ipl (its grovestreet with a small ramp to test. I followed the whole post and i put the ipl where it belonged to and i added the directory to gta.dat. Game crashes when i hit load game or new game
  10. First of im sorry if this is on the wrong forum page but i couldnt find the correct one. Please help me. Well i downloaded MTA for san andreas Map Editor i went to grovestreet and added a Pickup Minigun with default settings (I.e Default Ammo, Default Respawn time) i then saved the map as "Minigun". I located it by searching on the Mta San Andreas Folder "minigun" the map file was in server>mods>deathmatch>resources I dont know why it was there instead of just MTA San andreas/mods/map_editor as i heard it was meant to be there. when the file definitions were only set to Editor_Mai
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