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  1. http://www.zap5.net ❖ Introduction (Firstly, I'd like to state that I do not own this company. I am just a sales representative). ❖ Our Mission We work directly with our customers to design and implement technologies that will accelerate their core business. Zap5 Networks sets itself apart in the marketplace through service excellence, flexibility, business value, and passion for our customer’s success. Although Zap5 Networks is a technology company, we are motivated to build solutions that enable business benefits. We are committed to service level excellence! ❖ Our Approach
  2. Alright.... you have my attention. This looks intriguing. What do you expect from this ? And yes I am interested.
  3. Thekid

    Help Server :(

    So... basically you waste your money... on something you can't operate... right.... brilliant idea.. maybe one day I'd buy a thousand guns without ammo My advice, is to get someone who you can "TRUST" <---- See that its in Capital for a reason. And someone who knows about setting up a MTA server, you know what... its not hard. Try fiddling https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Main_Page and with our local server. If you need any help.... feel free to ask me.
  4. *Coughs* *Coughs* Choking.... Hold on... *Coughs* Errr.... right... phew... did I just see you wanting to run someone's else server ? Arsenic closed down because the lack of players and some hosting issues... but geez.... what do you get from hosting someone's else hard work ? And to being with... the Owner of Arsenic didn't make his resources "Public" so you actually have a leaked version. Therefore.... sitting here wandering what the hell you expect in the outcome is really bothering me... I mean look m8... its simple. Make your OWN .lua coding and maybe.. you would be successful in the fiel
  5. The problem is very simple, you are using a VPS. And you don't have any idea of port forwarding, simply use the same server port with the http port and the problem would fix. It also means that more than 1 users are using this VPS on multiple accounts. Which also mean you are being ripped off. Check what you are doing, and follow my above advice and the problem would fix.
  6. Right, I bet you used google, well what you need to do is basically, do the same thing in the mtaserver.config, and it should be fixed, if you have any further problems you can contact me here
  7. To begin with Hollow, I'm well known to Kinetic also another friend of Jay. And for you information, I also attempted to give a hand to Aria Roleplay, but tbh, Solistice just said he would need me, he never told me what he wanted to do, so technically I'm like a Lamborghini just parked up getting dust. Since uG got ripped apart, (Although it was up today) I decided that I can actually give the players what they want (I surely can, do listen and respect this). But thank you for opening my eyes, thank you for showing me that their is other servers out there, that need attention. Now, I shall mer
  8. Wait... is this Aaron Jackson ? If so... then trust me bro, you should give RP a rest. I've seen you come in many servers and just ask for admin, I seen you spawn vehicles + cash and plenty other stats for yourself and your friends. You think you have a good REP in RP ? Trust me... give it a break. You've started about .... seven servers ? All of which are Roleplay and what happened to them ? Anyway since this famous server "UnitedGaming" was runcode override by "Forest" and his friends, Roleplayers had no option but to go to Roleplaying in a server called "Evolution" however, the server is ha
  9. Alright, But still just saying cause I don't really expect to cross 60MB, just saying if I was running those specs, would it be good enough ? I mean 4000GB Bandwidth per month, is that good ? And 4GHZ CPU ?
  10. Hey, I am not really that good with VPS Hosting, but I would like an expert to advise me on a specific VPS Host. The Specs are as follows: CPU: 4 GHz Dedicated CPU* RAM: 4 GB Dedicated Memory HD: 150 GB Hard Drive Space BW: 4000 GB Transfer Per Month IP: 2 Public IP Address I would like to know if that is good enough for a server, expecting about 90MB Download, 30 + Players a day. Awaiting a response soon, Thank you.
  11. Thekid


    Ummmm..... still needing a scripter, In great need of "many", contact me as soon as possible - just PM me.
  12. Thekid


    Searching for some "Professional" Mappers, Scripters and Website Designers for a Roleplay Gamemode. If you do not do freebies, payment is also available. Method of payment, Wire Transfers, from bank to bank. (No paypal involved). Kindly awaiting a positive feedback.
  13. So looking to buy a server huh ? Roleplay/RPG. I have a server for sale, an roleplay. Its called Fusion Gaming MTA Roleplay. Its still under development but you said you would continue the work, inbox me for a desired price.
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