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  1. theguy123

    Hi guys

    How i can make a spawnpoint on my server?
  2. theguy123

    Help me !

    thanks very much
  3. theguy123

    Help me !

    I don't undersand.....please say more about this 'cuz i am beginner in scripting
  4. theguy123

    Help me !

    Hello boys i have a problem,on my server at F1 and at create,here at the groups of car,bike,aircraft i wanna add another group,the real cars group How i can add it? Example :
  5. theguy123

    Help my Server

    Real cars and example Aircraft me to add line Real cars and to cars..
  6. theguy123

    Help my Server

    Hello my server mta want to add to f1 groups created group add cars to real cars. How do I add this group?
  7. Nu stiu.. nu ma pricep la scripting Dami tu tutoriale te rog.....
  8. Dar imi poti explica cum sa o repar ? Cand apas register nu registreaza..
  9. Daca ai ip router baga portul la modem. Sau pornesti port-urile.. scri in consola openports
  10. Nume : Theguy123 Intrebare : Salut QuantumZ am o intrebare si accea este : Am luat gamemodul Fort Carson Roleplay ok. si cand vreau sa-mi fac cont pe el nu arata nimic va rog ajutatima
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