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  1. Gijsz

    MTA's config file gone?

    Yes, downloaded the latest version a couple of days ago. Just restarted my computer and the file got reset just like that.
  2. Just restarted my computer and noticed my configuration file was set back to default. All my binds, configurations etc are gone. Is this a bug or something?
  3. Gijsz

    SQL Question

    I downloaded the Linux modules and every .so file from mtasa.com. The SQL information is right. It gives SQL errors cause it cant connect to it.
  4. Gijsz

    SQL Question

    I am currently running on a Ubuntu VPS, i installed SQL and PHPmyAdmin everything is working. But my current Mta 1.3 server doesnt fetch the SQL. How can i fix this ?
  5. It's in the folder yes.
  6. I am getting this while starting the server on my VPS. Help?
  7. Gijsz

    Server requirements

    What are the requirements for a Windows Server 2008 (VPS)? Thanks
  8. Damn, it worked. I installed the Graphics and audio driver and then i had my old FPS back. Thanks alot! (I think it was my audio driver, i installed a other one just the night before it happend.) Greets, Gijs
  9. Here you go. http://pastebin.com/vAuBSwCP
  10. I am not getting any artifacts on my screen, i dont think it's my graphics card cause other games work perfectly. And i tried the cold-rebooting, didnt help.
  11. Another weird thing is when all settings are on low it runs on 10-15 FPS now, and when turned all settings to high it's like 30fps. I dont really understand this and how i can fix this.
  12. I installed the driver you gave me but it didnt solved the problem, any other suggestions ?
  13. I updated cause of that issue, but i will try.
  14. This is the link the Diag send me of the logs. FPS is now 40 but it isnt right when i had 100 FPS last night and can run recent games on high. And 40 is ruining my game experience if your used to a Server Limit of 75. *Link Removed due privacy*
  15. It's all servers, The menu is stable but once downloading the FPS drops really bad. I dont really understand how this is even possible i will check the MTADiag though.
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