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    Playing MTA:VC all the time as i can :) due to lot of crash
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    Many thing!!! BUT: DISLIKE MP CHEATER IN MTA :-[
  1. there are a pcj too in the store infront of the biker bar. Like in sp broke the windows to access the bike It would be cool if some1 can make a list to show where all the 50 vehicules spawn in MTAVC? Huge request but im sure some1 already work on this!
  2. Stop calling people Noob Mad Boy.................. When seeing what kind of post you've maded before, they can call you too a noob! Do you want to be called asshole by all noob? no? so shut up with that! lol YA IM A NOOB TOO IN VC MTA
  3. Totally agreeing with ya!!! Cheater its more annoying than flood chat!
  4. oh ok sorry! B.T.W your avatar make me smilling everytime I see it!
  5. Do what fisrt-time-gta3-user said! its really works and no need of additional sotware.....
  6. hey [xNet]DrDre, the same thing just happen to me While playing Mta :VC my computer have frozen and i had to push the reset button..... but after boot sequense and before xp load screen came up.. i have seen a blue message quickly pass but didnt have time to read it!!!! so i don't sure its the same error like you but that blue screen have never happened before I have no software/hardware bug and no viruses for your info...... system spec: Xp pro sp1 with all the windows update shit (brand new format for your mod) Amd athlon xp 2200+ Msi k7n2 nforce 2 1024 ddr 333 pc 2700 Msi gefor
  7. -[QC]-Alex


    make VC ONE of the best games ever? IT IS allready the BEST game EVER, and MTA is the BEST mod EVER Lol never played other game ? eh?
  8. Spawn camper suck like in all other mp games! =Solution= Add couple of extra spawn point with a random spawn loaction in the map (plz near some vehicule:))
  9. lol everypeople are Dummy for you? You cannot say another thing? A ok your are 12 years little kid and you take all your day long to Blast newbie on forum! LOL "french Quote"Tu fais pitié en criss mon gars, Un vrai CAVE en bon québécois!"Quote" Don'T try to babelfish that one!
  10. i never had unhandled exeption , just the thing i said earlier. Thx god, 1 problem less
  11. Sure, A newer release have always BETTER Thing or almost always
  12. Every 15 min i got a crash to desktop! sometime no message, sometime the ".EXE have crashed and it need to close!" sometime computer freeze
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