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  1. Can someone help me with this script, please. It has a problem that when one of the clients start command 'vr', the map is just restarted in stead of checking all the clients if they have voted or not. I don't own this script, btw Many thanks. local color = "#FFFFFF" VoteRedo = true playersVoted = 0 mapRestarted = true addCommandHandler("turnVR", function( player, cmd) if isPlayerInACLGroup(player, g_GameOptions.admingroup) then if VoteRedo then VoteRedo = false outputChatBox("[SERVER] "..color.."Command [/vr] Vote Redo #FF4040DISABLED "..co
  2. Yes, TOO LOW. lol When we racing and we meet a change-vehicle, it responses too fast that make the vehicle stucks with an object( tree, road, anything,...). Sounds ridiculous right?
  3. Hi guys, i know it is a dump question. But do we have a resource that can restrict the ping because it's too low. Actually it's too low that some maps when we change vehicles, it stucks with objects. Thanks so much. My gamemode is race so you know what i mean p/s: or something can delay the pickup :v
  4. I had buy host and i having a problem of data, can you tell me how to edit them, ex. Money, account, ... ?
  5. Hey, i'm going to buy 1 server with 12 slots, so can i add more slot later?
  6. I want to host 1 server with 32 slot, It's race server. What VPS should i choose? Money and knowledge about server is not my problem. Thanks!
  7. Problem 1 solve, anyway thank renkon.
  8. My points as column in scorebroad. So i can't save it. And when i replace spectators, the resource not work, i think the font don't allow. Help me
  9. Hi guys! Pls help me, i want save 1 value, it's "Điểm" with my language, mean Point on server race DM. I have 1 save system like this but only for Money: node = xmlLoadFile ("player.xml") function playerLogin (thePreviousAccount, theCurrentAccount, autoLogin) if not (isGuestAccount (getPlayerAccount(source))) then local accountData = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "money") if (accountData) then local playerMoney = getAccountData(theCurrentAccount, "money") setPlayerMoney(source, playerMoney) end end
  10. I try this, thx but if i get many hunter same time, the money will be x2, x3,.... even x10 . OMG, can fix it?
  11. Sorry. I'm noob script lua ( and can u tell me how to edit the name of column (change language for it) pls.
  12. ok. show me pls show me the full code, like 1 resouce
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