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  1. Welcome to Humanity Roleplay. Right off the bat, I would like to say that there will be features we have that you have seen before as any other server has, however there will be many features that you have not seen that makes us unique. The main objective we wish to accomplish at Humanity Roleplay is to continue to provide new scripts and features for the community that over time leave a long-lasting impression. Humanity Roleplay was originally founded in November of 2016 as a "Project" and never truly had a fair running chance due to the lack of personnel. We have been up and running for about a week and would like to invite you to come and join us! Connection details will be listed below as well as some helpful links. We truly want you to come and experience it for yourself. Connection Details & Useful Links MTA SA Server - mtasa:// Our Website & UCP - http://humanitygaming.com Teamspeak - ts.humanitygaming.com Discord - https://discord.gg/YZkYcJp Our Unique Features This is only the beginning of Humanity Roleplay. We have much more to come! Join our discord to make suggestions we can implement.
  2. We are no longer Offering Free Branded MTA SA Servers. You may find our Servers for $0.08 /slot. You can find these here
  3. We currently host 57 Branded Free Servers. They are not always online (as clients decide when their server is online/offline) Proof of this is by going to your server browser and typing "mainframecentral.com" OR
  4. Well for some reason it seems you aren't able to connect. I haven't had any clients having issues with this whatsoever. And you did not lose ANY Data we have RAID Running on all servers. Unless you voluntarily cancelled your service, data would not be lost.
  5. None of our Servers Automatically Delete whatsoever. This must have been a Client Side Issue. I recommend Making a Support Ticket. No one else has had any issues with this.
  6. Yes we do there are no limitations on them. The only limitations we have on our services are included in our terms of services.
  7. We are a company that has been up since February of 2016 we are not about to release confidential client files whatsoever. They still fall under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. The reason it is going on is for advertising.
  8. We offer many Game Servers, VPS Servers and Dedicated Servers. We are NOW offering free branded servers. Only Differences between Free Branded Server Hosting and our Premium MTA Hosting. - Free Servers are limited to 25 Player Slots - Free Servers are limited to 5GB Storage Space - We Brand your server hostname. "Your Server Name | Free Server Hosted by mainframecentral.com". You may obtain a free server HERE We offer all of our gaming services with 1GBPS of Network Speed and Premium DDoS' Mitigation and protection. https://mainframecentral.com/billing/cart.php?gid=3
  9. Was Just letting you know so you could fix it. That's all. Didn't want it to reflect bad on a newer company.
  10. We offer Game Servers (More to come), Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers. The Game Servers we offer now are: Garry's Mod - $0.45 /slot MTA:SA - $0.08 /slot You may find any features including networking and DDoS Protection as well as our public testing servers on our home page. We would love to hear feedback on live support and our contact form on the website. Anyone who see's this post please mention on live support before purchase https://mainframecentral.com