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    Programmer @ some company and scripter @ MTA:RP I am also an active stock trader
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  1. Hmm, its probably a serial ban, since using a VPN, which changes your IP address, does not help. Check your resource folder as well, only because he may have left a file that marks you as "banned" - basically a resource can check if a file exists and ban you that way lmao
  2. The value specified for maxVelocity, has to be a floating point value. Instead of 230, just use 230.0
  3. Please see the following functions: GetPedOxygenLevel SetPedOxygenLevel and if you want to mess with the max ped oxygen value: GetPedMaxOxygenLevel
  4. Mr. Bubbles


    check to see whether the ports are actually open on the server itself?
  5. I had to allow unlimited access when I first began to install it, so yes this fix works!
  6. Here's a video clarifying the issue. Regardless of what I set the installation directory to be, it will not create the directory and move the files there. Perhaps this is a bug.
  7. i'm asking this because on previous versions of Windows, it has installed fine in the Program Files folder *or equivalent) yet when i install it on windows 10 i do not see it under the same folder even though it installed successfully
  8. Remove the resources you are not going to use
  9. Dreamhost @ $11.95 USD. As a free bonus, they can mask your information and redirect any requests to your actual e-mail
  10. I mean the English could use some work, but what's bad about it? just saying that it's bad doesn't really help.
  11. They cannot remove "copies" since servers are hosted by players themselves. There's not much you can do
  12. Burst RAM does not exist. I'm assuming you mean, a VSwap file?
  13. I use this all the time! except I lay it out in the code editor first - at least the basic structure of the program. I find that by defining the goals of what this script is supposed to do really helps. Drawing it out is especially useful when implementing DX GUIs since I can visualize what is going to be there and what functions are associated with what.
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