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  1. انا اتكلم عن DM مو العاديه هي مافيها مشاكل بس الهنتر ومدري شو اللي بدرون بالريس dm بفهموني
  2. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته كيفكم شباب عندي كودات للريس مود بهاذا المسار race/model/base والمشكله انه timelimit respawn اذا صار ماب مسوى في File:'meta' مكتوب timelimit مو none مشكله ويتم كل ما يموت يرد يعيش للأبد مشكله ذي انا حاولت اعدل على هذول الكودات بهاذا المسار race/model/base 1.function RaceMode.isMapRespawn() 2. return RaceMode.getMapOption('respawn') == 'timelimit' 3.end 4. 5.function RaceMode.getPlayers() 6. return g_Players 7.end 8. 9.function RaceMode.setPlayerIsFinished(player) 10. setPlayerFinished(player, true) 11
  3. I Try That Not Work stell unlimit Respawn
  4. i know Some Thing ScoreBoard Problem you have to go admin -> resource-> search -> ScoreBoard -> SETTINGS -> Allow Colorcodenames --- Make it 'true' if you make it 'false' it will be like #FF0000Name if you make it true it will be like Name
  5. Hello Guys These Codes IS in race mode race/model/base function RaceMode.isMapRespawn() return RaceMode.getMapOption('respawn') == 'timelimit' end function RaceMode.getPlayers() return g_Players end function RaceMode.setPlayerIsFinished(player) setPlayerFinished(player, true) end function RaceMode.isPlayerFinished(player) return isPlayerFinished(player) end function RaceMode.getPlayerVehicle(player) return g_Vehicles[player] end function RaceMode:setTimeLeft(timeLeft) if g_MapOptions.duration - self:getTimePassed() > timeLeft t
  6. BigBos

    race problems

    Yup DD Mode race DD
  7. BigBos

    race problems

    I tern off votemanegar ... And make it true I mean In game when your raceing with your friend your friend die automarticly say 'Next map starts in ....' Idont want it now I want it when every body die Start next map Soryy for bad english There is some wrongs becouse I'm writing from phone
  8. BigBos

    race problems

    hello hi how are you guys !! i have problem with my race mode umm its race DM you know every body die and 1 laft he starting voteing map how i can make it when every body die votemap Sorry for Bad English its so bad help me please if you know what i mean
  9. okay Thanks its on right now but how to know its done or not ?!
  10. umm i have to make MTA Server.exe on or i can close it ?
  11. Hello [/] MTA: San Andreas :: 0/32 players :: 189 resources :: 150 fps (25) ================================================================== = Server name : t MTA Server = Server IP address: = Server port : 22003 = = Log file : .. 1.3/server/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log = Maximum players : 32 = HTTP port : 22005 = Voice Chat : Disabled = Bandwidth saving : Medium ================================================================== [04:31:41] Resources: 189 loaded, 0 failed [04:31:41] Querying game-monitor.com master server... una
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