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  1. http://www.forumer.com/index.php?mforum=amptstunting go there and look under ampt vid releases
  2. lol holy shit i was joking lighten up bloody... jeeze you come off like a total ass too when you do shit like that. Have we ever insulted you in any way? Ever? No so I really dont understand why you have to do it to us. Besides Im not sure what you would have to be cocky about either... so just lay off and lighten up. Try laughing a bit it dosent hurt.
  3. no no no... First of all i wouldnt exactly call myself a gamer. I play a little but not a gamer. And my freinds know that. Just im not too fond of trashcans. Sorry
  4. Lol im sorry to say but kids who wear anything with the word gamer on it to my school... are at the least called a fag/nerd. Or they get put in a trash can. Donno how it is at other schools but lol count me out of this one. Maybe I will buy one to wear to bed when no ones watching.
  5. yes i did recently notice my vids are not on TGA but i will upload them.
  6. HAHAHAHHAHA That is the funniest thing i have read in a long time. LOL stunt with fruit. lol if you are serious man... ITS EVEN FUNNIER!!! lol a melon is a grab on a snowboard. hahahahahahahahahaha Oh and yea nice forums go sign up so i can moderate you
  7. Nosgoth you didnt hurt anyones feelings... But you still fail to answer the question of what about it is so butt ugly. When someone says it sucks we care and wanna know what you think would make it better. If he was worried about his feelings being hurt im sure he wouldnt have made this thread at all.
  8. Pop punk for life. Yellowcard, Rufio, Fallout boy. Just some bands Im sure no ones ever heard of.
  9. I cant get it to d/l. Link must be broken or im broken. Oh and about the hulk section... I AM THE HULK Check SIN and you will see it will saying starring blah (show hulk on bike) Lol just kidding
  10. Yes i agree its very unconstructive. I think he did a great job. I really dont see where your coming from. It looks good, the only complaint I could have was coding so Im guessing thats yours too? So Nosgoth make him something "better" and "professional". Than Im sure he will have no problem using your "better" design. Either that or tell us what can be made better
  11. Well... im in the vid so i donno if im allowed to comment Well im going to. I wont say anything about the previews since they were mine but I gotta comment on the editing by andy. GREAT. The staring... part was the best but he did it all very well. Gj, im happy to be part of it.
  12. my best is 5... how could u play mta for more than 15 minutes? I guess it might be more fun with the pings u all had. Nice score tho.
  13. thats not any fun tho... I would rather try to shoot someone at range while hidden. But that is impossible in MTA.
  14. My sentiments exactly, the reason i quit MTA.
  15. It was ok. Considering this is the first killing vid I really cant compare it to anything but it seemed pretty cool. All it needs is some good music synching and maybe some nice transitions. It was cool tho. 7/10 Good Job
  16. Im d/ling i donno why he didnt just post a direct link. So since im such a nice guy here ya go. http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos ... versie.mpg as always right click, save as.
  17. Shotguns have an advantage over anything. Thats why they gotta go.
  18. Now, I know that everyone is gonna disagree with me about this but this is how i feel. Shotguns really need to be taken from the game. Once you are hit by one your a dead man. All they gotta do is run close while ur trying to get back up and keep firing cuz u cant get up and even attempt to run or fight back. Ive tried running and shooting with an uzi but since theres lag the bastard never dies. So either A make uzis and other long range guns more powerful or B get rid of shotguns.
  19. Im pretty sure bloody hasnt verfied whether or not your stunt counts becuz of the explosion that could be considered a glitch. So i donno, only the all powerful bloodymess can tell us now.
  20. i do play cs, a lot more than i do MTA. If i had 56k i might be a little more into MTA since having a slow connection benefits u
  21. Well on my servers/ important comps i have Windows 98 running simply for the reason that it supports hardrive mirroring. Windows 2k does not, i donno about xp. Windows 98 support would be great but you gotta understand these guys do this stuff for free, and use most if not all there free time doing it. If they dont wanna use even more free time just to satisfy the minority i dont blame them one bit.
  22. CS is a kick ass game and many other people believe so as it is the number 1 online game. I dont understand why you wouldnt want it to be more cs oriented. Teamplay and buying weapons are both elements of cs and thats just what this mod needs.
  23. when i right click my gta-vc and go to properties there is not compatiblity tab. Im on windows 2000 is this a xp feature?
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