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  1. Hello , i just have a quick question , i have my server ready and eveything the only thing is that when everyone dies but there is 1 player left , the map changes, o wanna have it where until the last player dies the map changes Can someone help me thanks
  2. I have a racing server and when eveyone dies , the map changes , i want to keep playing until the last person dies . i want the maps no to change after everyone dies, and there is only 1 left i want the map to change until the last person dies , DM / DD server racing
  3. rallocac


    can some one help me i have a race server of DM maps but some maps when some one die it respawn the players and never chnage of map :C and the tops players is gone please help ?
  4. Hi i need help with my server few thing is a race server i need a wheels shop c: and i need every time someone win a raqce get 10 points and save the points in the account the player need to be log in and money and that it easy thing but i need an expert to do it so contact me SKype Edgar.chang1 and we will talk about it
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    Help c:

    I have a Race server with random maps but alot maps DM maps when someone die it respawn the player i want to remove the respawn of some maps it just some maps and also no show the top of players can some one help me c:
  6. Hi c: can someone tell me how to disable ''Vote for the nexxt map'' player always Do Redo ''play again'' and some players get bored so i want to disable that and just put random maps my servers is of RACEmode