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  1. thx i will try to know how can i follow the instructions thx
  2. hi plz can you give me the url what i have to download it no all of then only what i will need it and how to install it plz i cant understand the first one
  3. hi i dont understand this >> inject the metadata into the newly created file so cPGS can handle it. The arguments are the new server package file, -p means we are going to pack a new file, "cod" is the internal name for CoD servers (cod2 for CoD2, cod4 for CoD4, etc), 1.4 is the version, and the last bit is just a short description of the package: # /var/cpanel/cpgs/cpgs_pkg cod14.cpgs -p "cod" "1.4" "Custom package" the youser is game
  4. from were can i get mta.cpgs for whm cpanel ???
  5. hi i need MTA for CPGS to install it on my server ???
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