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  1. When I join, it loads money and outputServerLog outputs: START: 0.12, ????????????????????????, RFT and when i quit it also saves money perfectly cause it outputs: STOP: 0.12, ????????????????????????, RFT but then when I start again it doesn't load the money and outputs: START: 0, ????????????????????????, RFT and when i quit STOP: 0, ????????????????????????, RFT
  2. Server: ResourceRootS = getResourceRootElement() Password = "RFT" function eventSpawnPlayer(Player,Skin) local Serial = getPlayerSerial(Player) local Account = getAccount(Serial) if (Account) then local Money = getAccountData(Account,"Money") setElementData(Player,"Money",Money) spawnPlayer(Player,935.82421875,2143.9340820313,1011.0234375,270,Skin,1,0) fadeCamera(Player,true) setCameraTarget(Player,Player) outputServerLog("START: " .. tostring(Money) .. ", " .. Serial .. ", " .. Password) else local Accou
  3. It is possible, you just have to make the converter (or the software itself).
  4. Do you mean column below column?
  5. He probably wants to make it in GUI.
  6. Well it would be great if it existed, it would allow scripters to make custom animations or even physics.
  7. Is it possible to move single part of player's body (e.g. right hand...)?
  8. No, type does not do anything, it is just used for identifying on community.multitheftauto.com
  9. @Samer: It doesn't matter what you put under type, it doesn't affect the script.
  10. Go to mtaserver.conf and stop all resources from starting. Then in console start them manually and if it shuts down post the script of resource that made it shut down and I'll try to fix it.
  11. Did you start the resource in the console? Are meta.xml and blips.lua in the same directory?
  12. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SpawnPlayer
  13. He must be trolling with us, this is Squirrel language and it's for IV:MP.
  14. Is this supposed to work on Windows 7, because it crashes every time for me.
  15. Entity


    OK, then. You can PM it to me.
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