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  1. Explain us what are u working for so we can help u about it
  2. I use the the second code
  3. Hi #,xiRocKyz sorry but your code complicated and is wrong its shows everything wrong on list anyway i fixed it and thank for your help
  4. Hi guys i am back for long time, i working for top 20 players like top player have high level and much money i hope help me for this errors 1) Its show all players not only 20 2) Its make server laggy so much when start resource or on select type of list 3) Got ERROR: Aborting infinite running script ZA-info when start resource 4) Some time got table nil Server side local statsList = { {"level", "Level", "lvl"}, {"money", "Money", "$"}, {"playTime", "Play Time"}, {"kills", "Kills"}, {"deaths", "Deaths"}, {"zombieKills", "Zombie Kills"}, {"bossKills", "Boss Kills"} } addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() for i, list in ipairs(statsList) do local key = list[1] local accounts = getAccounts() local playerList = {} for i, account in ipairs(accounts) do local data = exports["ZA-account"]:getAccountData(account, key) local name = exports["ZA-account"]:getAccountData(account, "nick") if (data and tonumber(data)) then table.insert(playerList, {name, tonumber(data)}) --outputDebugString("Name: "..name.. " / "..key..": "..data or "N/A") end end table.sort(playerList, function(a, b) return a[2] > b[2] end) for i=20, #playerList do table.remove(playerList, i) end statsList[i][4] = playerList end end) addEvent("onPlayerOpenTopPanel", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerOpenTopPanel", root, function( ) triggerClientEvent(source, "onClientPlayerOpenTopPanel", source, statsList) end) Thanks for help! NB: I edited this topic
  5. You can use XML function its more easy: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/XML
  6. WASSIm.


    1) Your function is wrong 2) You need to use DX functions
  7. First you need to move your topic to Scripting section, You can use OnClientClick & OnClientCursorMove
  8. I don't think if you can
  9. You can use onClientKey and cancelEvent
  10. Will be better if make top 20 server position with other color
  11. Look at example: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxDrawCircle function dxDrawRoundedRectangle(x, y, rx, ry, color, radius) rx = rx - radius * 2 ry = ry - radius * 2 x = x + radius y = y + radius if (rx >= 0) and (ry >= 0) then dxDrawRectangle(x, y, rx, ry, color) dxDrawRectangle(x, y - radius, rx, radius, color) dxDrawRectangle(x, y + ry, rx, radius, color) dxDrawRectangle(x - radius, y, radius, ry, color) dxDrawRectangle(x + rx, y, radius, ry, color) dxDrawCircle(x, y, radius, 180, 270, color, color, 7) dxDrawCircle(x + rx, y, radius, 270, 360, color, color, 7) dxDrawCircle(x + rx, y + ry, radius, 0, 90, color, color, 7) dxDrawCircle(x, y + ry, radius, 90, 180, color, color, 7) end end dxDrawRoundedRectangle(350, 50, 100, 100, tocolor(0, 255, 0, 255), 20)
  12. Hey guys, Zombie Attack is back again! with a better version the story is that you must kill zombies and bosses to earn experience and get some cash and you level up! Besides, by the level you earn, you can choose many classes to select and spawn like Resistances or Military Forces you will have some powerful vehicles like Hydra, Rhino.. etc Also, you can create your own group or squad and create a base to protect it from the non-members By the way, you can find the bosses to kill them! they are so strong and hard to kill like The Nemesis, and The Licker ( From Resident Evil ) And more other features like Vehicles System or Viruses.. etc Enjoy your stay out there! Features: Account System Chat System Group System Hud System Maps System Mods System Settings & Shader System Shop & Vehicle System Boss's & Zombies System Airdrops & Airbombs Redcross Area (Turfing) Pictures: 1.0.0v Pictures: 1.2.0v Server Adress: mtasa:// (CLICK TO JOIN TO SERVER )
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    MTA - Fuel System

    Post server-side