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  1. function save (account) setAccountData (account, "money", tostring (getPlayerMoney (source))) setAccountData (account, "health", tostring (getElementHealth (source))) end addEventHandler ("onPlayerLogout", getRootElement(), save) Parameters account thePreviousAccount, account theCurrentAccount thePreviousAccount: the account the client was logged in as. theCurrentAccount: the account the client is a part of now (usually a guest account).
  2. Is better if you make this bot public
  3. Update Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WD6BKqF
  4. Thank you for this TUT but you forget to show how to setup npm. Please anyone where i can get (packet) and (payload) TUT and how to use it Or omsething like https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Irc
  5. wassim there is a player who's ruining the server please help 

    he is killing civillians and his teamates and using cheats

    im fares from tunisia! pls message me

  6. WASSIm.

    Change anim

    Hi guys, How to change colt45 anim like deagle ? I make this code but nothing work local animations = { ["colt45_crouchfire"] = "python_crouchfire", ["colt45_fire"] = "python_fire", ["colt45_reload"] = "python_reload" } function loadMod(path, model) local ifp = engineLoadIFP(path, model) if (ifp) then for _, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do for animOld, anim in ipairs(animations) do engineReplaceAnimation(player, model, animOld, model, anim) end end for _, ped in ipairs(getElementsByType("ped")) do
  7. Hi guys i want show how to cover map (file with .map) to Lua script, but not finished yet, Its cover this elements: Object Vehicle Ped Marker Pickup Blip RemoveWorldObject 1) Use this code: addCommandHandler("covermap", function (thePlayer, _, map) if not (map) then return end local file = xmlLoadFile(map..".map") if (file) then local newMapFile = fileCreate(map..".Lua") if (newMapFile) then local mapTable = {} local mapText = "" local functionName = false for i,element in ipairs(xmlNodeGetChildren(file)) do
  8. Hi guys i have question, Why some resource show me on debug without resource name
  9. I Updated server and works thanks guys
  10. Hi Guys, I have problem with starting resources, Its keep show me this message Not starting resource ZA-system as this server version is too low (1.5.7 required)
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