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    Hello guys! I have two short question. Can fetchRemote handle secure connection? Can browser handle secure connection?
  2. Thanks. I forget to write from cmd Oh never mind i found a solution. (Use explorer.exe to resolve it: explorer.exe mtasa://
  3. Hello guys. Can i start the client with an ip as an argument to auto connect to that?
  4. Hello. Ilyet nem tudsz csak úgy, hogy valamit átírsz egy XML fájlban. Csak VPN-nel oldható ez meg, mivel az IP címed kell megváltoztatni ehhez.
  5. function greeting( ) -- body end addCommandHandler("g", greeting) That's wierd it returns with the first version of the file. I guess the cloudfornt doesn't synced the data. I tried with only the bucket link https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/testmtabucket/resources and it worked fine. How MTA resoulve DNS? Because it almost works in my browser it downloads the almost latest (without the last modofication you writed) with the cloudfront DNS too but MTA downloads the oldest? Found the reason. CloudFront not the best in updating existing file. Link Thank you for your help
  6. I fired up a nginx server to test it. It works fine with that. Can i turn on some debug to see more information about it? How MTA check that the file match? MD5?
  7. Do you mean MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources under client cache? I did these steps and the same error occures. My servers spawn resource: https://imgur.com/HjGYluO The bucket: https://imgur.com/9emUhE6 In the server config: <httpdownloadurl>d1izvzwg6uq9e2.cloudfront.net</httpdownloadurl> I'm duing this on Windows 10 don't know is it matter. The content-type is looks fine too. https://imgur.com/VfSMy0v
  8. d1izvzwg6uq9e2.cloudfront.net But it's redirects.
  9. It's just a local server on my machine. But i read your comment somewhere about different line ending, so i checked i compired the binary and i didn't see any difference. But here's the file on my machine: Drive link And here is the link for the S3 bucket: Bucket
  10. Hi guys! I just tried out the external http file download stuff. And i constantly get: DIAGNOSTIC: [N'C]dugasz1 #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [spawn\spawn_c.lua] But they are the same. I'm using AWS CloudFront. So, i don't know is it the server even find it? Maybe the redirections mess things up? I added ContentType: application/octet-stream and i checked it with chrome and postman and it is there. So any idea?
  11. Oh the name is redirect and i don't find it. Don't know how i manage it Thanks
  12. Hi guys! Is it possible to redirect a user? So can i command his/her client that leave my server and join to this ip?
  13. A személyes okodra voltak kiváncsi nem arra, hogy miért szokott általánosságba hirdetni az ember
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    Thank you (and Arezu ) it clear things up. So an envirement is kindy a scope. (I don't need to worry about the security the loaded script will be my scripts but at least i know more)
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    I used the performancebrowser online interface. Maybe because of that. How can i open it ingame? I don't really get setfenv(0,newENV). Can you please explane it for me? Kindy get how Lua's environments work but what is this 0 means: "As a special case, when f is 0 setfenv changes the environment of the running thread. In this case, setfenv returns no values." Why is it good? What is it for?
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    Yeah it might be an optimization.
  17. dugasz1


    Hello! So i want to load external lua files in my resource and i do it with loadstring (Link). Like this: function loadLuaFile( path ) local file = fileOpen(path, true) if (not file) then outputChatBox("Failed") return else local string = "" local buffer while not fileIsEOF(file) do buffer = fileRead(file, 100) if (buffer) then string = string .. buffer end end loadstring(string)() end fileClose(file) end Loading a few script: loadLuaFile(":shar
  18. Miért hírdetik ezt ennyire magyaroknál? gtaközösségben is ott van a kezdőlapon. Nem mintha zavarna én is játszottam jó szerver, csak kiváncsi vagyok Tudtommal lengyelek fejlesztik vagy nem?
  19. Now i just realised that it is only works on server So @IIYAMA i will use your solution. Thank you
  20. Thank you but just now i found a solution. I created a symbolic link in the resource folder which points to the resources folder. (If someone need it: On windows: mklink /d "...myresourcefolder\link_name" "...deathmatch\resources")
  21. I want to avoid the first method because it would be a lot of copy of the same file. And the second is not the way too sadly, include doesn't load the included resources script files into that resource. (As far as i experienced include only force resource on client side to load before that script which includes that) (My example maybe was a bit confusing i don't want to enable the oop MTA functionality just use a file in a resource which isn't in the resource's folder)
  22. Thanks Me too by the way but in live it better
  23. I want to include OOP definitions this way. Because it's faster and more comfortable. Is it not supported to go back in directory or what?
  24. Hello. This is in my meta: <script src="../oop.lua" type="shared" /> So, why this isn't work? I want to include something outside my resource's folder. Is it possible?
  25. Hi guys. Why are the resources often zipped? What are the pros and cons? Is it only for saving network usage or what?
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