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  1. #Whit3^


    this script it's for multi-gamemode and i want get the time by xml anyone can help me?
  2. #Whit3^


    yeah but i want get the info by meta map file For Example <------------------------------------------------------------------------ <------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. #Whit3^


    I have to set time of a map is a normal map I have to export it to an xml file as I do? sry for this english
  4. #Whit3^

    help me pls

    already done ..
  5. #Whit3^

    Admin sounds

    Work Perfectly Thanks Bro And if I want a command that I turn on and off the ability to make this command? For Example /revokesounds
  6. #Whit3^

    Admin sounds

    Server function stfu (player, command) if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. account, aclGetGroup("Admin")) then outputChatBox( "Sounds StartedBy "..getPlayerName(player).." :#FF8000 Shut The **** UP!", root, 255, 255, 255, true ) triggerClientEvent("stfu", root) end addCommandHandler("stfu", stfu) Client addEvent( "stfu", true ) addEventHandler( "stfu", root, function() local sound = playSound("sounds/stfu.mp3") end ) When I do the command the music doesn't start Anyone can help me pls ? p.s Admin Sounds
  7. #Whit3^

    help me pls

    not work same error Client Triggered serverside event Ridex, but event in not added serverside server addEvent("Rydex",true) addEventHandler("Rydex",root, function() triggerLatentClientEvent(source,"ServerSend",100000,false,source,fine); end ) client setTimer(function() triggerServerEvent("Rydex",getLocalPlayer()); end,3000,1)
  8. #Whit3^

    help me pls

    setTimer(function() triggerServerEvent("Ridex",getLocalPlayer()); end,3000,1) Client Server addEvent("Ridex",true) addEventHandler("Ridex",root, function() triggerLatentClientEvent(source,"Serversend",100000,false,source,fine); Client Triggered serverside event Ridex, but event in not added serverside
  9. Cioè Non mi ridimensiona gli object Non me li mette trapassabili Non me li mette invisibili.. Sapete da cosa dipende?
  10. 2 gamemode Differenti La prima screen rappresenta la 1 gamemode buggata La seconda screen rappresenta una normale gamemode con quella stessa mappa..
  11. #Whit3^

    Help please

    _addEventHandler = addEventHandler function addEventHandler(theEvent, parent, func, propagated) if not propagated then propagated = false end local num = #events+1 events[num] = {} events[num].events = theEvent events[num].parent = parent events[num].func = func return _addEventHandler(theEvent, parent, func, propagated) end WARNING: deatmatch/etcetcetc/load.lua:85: Bad Argument @ 'addEventHandler' [Expected function at argument 3,got nil]
  12. senza che apro un'altro fottuto topic.. Ho un problema un po strano.. Il problema è questo ve lo mostro con le screen. Questo è la screen del probelma Questo è presa dal race normale Da cosa può dipendere?
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