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  1. I want my panel to selession skin, only open once per account, or just when registering, I already tried to use several codes, I could not, can do that part for me? Client: femaleSkins = {9, 31, 38, 190, 218} maleSkins = {0, 1, 21, 29, 19} --------**-------- -------//\\------- ------// \\------ -----// \\----- ----// \\---- ---// \\--- --// \\-- --\\ Settings //-- local defaultSex = "male" -- Set the default sex (Can be "male" or "female") -- Please note that any of the timers below are in milliseconds (ms) local skinCamTimer = 100 -- Timer to switch the camera to the se
  2. I wonder if anti-cheat will work on any hack so I do not know. therefore possess no hack I want that when a player is with 200 life he is banned. function antiCheat ( theCheater ) if getElementHealth( theCheater ) >= 200 then banPlayer ( theCheater, "Cheater" ) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",root, function () setTimer( antiCheat, 2500, 1, source ) end ) addEventHandler("onPlayerTarget",root, function () antiCheat( source ) end ) addCommandHandler( "clean", function ( ) for k, i in ipairs ( getElementsByType( "player" ) ) d
  3. I'm using globalchat for dayz. I want to put an anti-flood for the players not to be doing flood. I was able to make a more unique chat on mta. But for global chat I could not somebody help me? Client: --\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ -- GlobalChat MTA:DayZ addon 1.1.1 -- Made by -ffs-Sniper -- You are free to edit this addon --/////////////////////////////////// --Define your desired chat key GlobalChatKey = "u" addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement ( ), function ( ) bindKey ( GlobalChatKey, "down", "chatbox", "globalchat" )
  4. I want a player only possar use the button "t" 5 in 5 seconds If he tries to use the button nothing happens, it would be for the player not being able to chat only every 5 seconds function () setTimer(function(player) bindKey(player, "t", "down", ) end,5000, 1,source) What did this wrong?
  5. I want to put reserved slots on my server, for when you are 60/60 the player can come with slots reserved. How do I make this happen?
  6. I want to put a more current gamemode on my server DayZ but do not want to lose the accounts or items of What do players need to save?
  7. That I do not know, the image is not being created within the label.
  8. I want to for when a player clicks a button an image is created within the "label" I tried to use it: function showClientImage() myImage = guiCreateStaticImage(212, 48, 783, 460, ":site/home.png", false, GUIEditor.label[1]) end addEventHandler('onClientGUIClick',GUIEditor.button[1],showClientImage, false)
  9. Yes I created a map and want to add items in it
  10. I made a map to my server DayZ want for items such as weapons, food and etc. ...most do not know that someone could teach me?
  11. I made a panel gui, I let him in the same position in all resolutions What do I need for this?
  12. Mr.Pres[T]ege you have skype? add my: icee_l pickture:reggae
  13. Giving this did not work for flooding buttons
  14. I want a single player can only use one button every 1 minute.I've done everything and nothing I've asked for some help scripters and it was not possible they do. I have 5 buttons I want a player can only use each button 1 in 1 minute. My buttons: GUIEditor.button[1] = guiCreateButton(164, 51, 96, 28, "Reparar Veículo", false, GUIEditor.gridlist[1]) guiSetFont(GUIEditor.button[1], "default-bold-small") guiSetProperty(GUIEditor.button[1], "NormalTextColour", "FFFFFFFF") GUIEditor.button[2] = guiCreateButton(29, 89, 96, 29, "Armas-1", false, GUIEditor.gridl
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