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  1. What you mean by putting it in a resource? "-make the script & add the file in lua" -> you mean to add the 2 lines of code I've mentioned in my last comment, in the .lua file - right?
  2. If I modify ONLY ONE .col in the library it "deletes" all the other .col files from the library... and that's why I have to replace ALL. These are the 2 lines I use to replace an object's .col: local col = engineLoadCOL('files/lan_1.col files/Foodmart1_lan.col') engineReplaceCOL(col, 4022)
  3. What is the ETA for the next update? Also, I've did what you said (to extract the .col file I need with colledit) but when I replace it, it fucks up the other .col files in the coll library(you fell through the others roads/buildings from the same col library the one modified is). How can I fix the issue beside replacing the all .col files from the library cuz it takes ages?
  4. And if I want to modify only one of the.col file from the coll collection? How I do it without affecting the others .col files in the coll collection?
  5. One last question: How do I replace a COLL collection ? (for exemple: lan_1.col which is basically an archive with more .col files) How do I replace it? Becouse "engineReplaceCOL" seems that works only with specific models as it requires and model ID, but how do I replace a coll collection such as the one in the exemple?
  6. Well, it seems that the original .col of the building(foodmart1_lan -> the exterior of 24/7) is found in a "archive" of more .col files, and if I modify the original, it causes the other .cols in the archive to fucked up, that's why I fell through the roads and other building around it (the "archive" is named: lan_1.col). How can I fix that?
  7. Wow, really appreciate it man, it truly helped me alot. But there is one more problem, everytime I change the .col of the City Hall, the collision of a few roads and stuff around CH is missing, basically if I change the .col of CH JUST abit, as soon as I step off the stairs in front of CH, I fell.. there ain't roads or sidewalks and half a pershing square anymore(models are, but collisions not as I fell through the roads)
  8. What I exactly wanted in the last exemple (foodmart1_lan = exterior of a 24/7) was to get rid of the INSIDE collision (aka delete the collision, not to replace it). If I have the modified .col(deleting the "walls" I wanted of foodmart1_lan, what script does I need so I can change the default? And another question that I got: To change the shape of a building, you have to change the modified .dff of the building by changing it in gta3.img or there is a script way for that too?
  9. Update: it seems the problem was .col (collision) , but another problem appeared: how do I implement the modified collision of a model (in my case: "foodmart1_lan") into the gta3.img ?
  10. ((right click the pictures and open them in another tab to have a clear sight on them)) As you can see in the pictures before, there is a black space inside the building of the LSPD.. which stops the player(s) to fall through the textures. What I want is ... to know how to get rid of that black thing... so the player COULD fall as soon as he literally enters the LSPD. ID: DFF name: TXD name: 4064 LODPoliceSt02_LAn lanlod Another thing if it is posibile, I would like to know if there is anyway to CROP textures, like... to actually make a square, for
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