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  1. OK, I have joined. By the way the code that I have modified will work properly with the FLA or without the FLA.
  2. it's been a long time, finally I have decided to spend few days on the MTA code to make it compatible with new limits. The FLA does the work once, when proxy_gtasa.exe gets run. Limits can be changed once per process launch. Instability - the FLA has been designed very carefully and any errors in the FLA are completely unacceptable. Tested over many, many thousand computers all over the world. A bit of MTA code had to be changed to work with new ID limits and world map limits and it was also done in a proper way. Some ASM code had to be changed. @S
  3. It's done. Only the license may remain the problem at this point. I have been working few last days on the MTA code to make it work with possibly changed ID limits and world map limits. And it works. Other limits will likely require no changes to the MTA code. Picture: Log: Starting fastman92 limit adjuster 5.7, non-public version, release mode, compilation time: Nov 1 2020 07:38:25 (UTC) Website: http://fastman92.com Launch time: 1-11-2020 8:12:44 (UTC) Launched during the day. Solution platform: WIN_X86 FASTMAN92_LIMIT_ADJUSTER_RELE
  4. I don't feel qualified enough to tell the MTA how the FLA should be implemented. The MTA team is free to implement the FLA in any way that's possible. One part the MTA team must do themselves. Loading of the FLA. It's the MTA team to decide how it will be made. Without this part I can't modify the MTA. (if I make changes, we should be able to test if game works, with the FLA running, right?) Get the MTA team to decide how the FLA should be implemented, they should make a loading of the FLA at least. Then I can change a certain MTA code to become compatible w
  5. Come, let's solve this problem quickly. The MTA team, get decided, do not wait years, it doesn't lead to anything. ]
  6. There's something to think of. Certain limits need some consideration. Like Water map size. This limit sets the max Water map size with all the underlying consequences: the outside water is normally rendered outside of -3000 to 3000 coordinates. Anything inside depends on the water.dat. When the Water map size is changed to let's say 12000, the outside water will be rendered outside of -6000 to 6000 coordinates. Anything inside will depend on the water.dat.
  7. Changing the limits while the game is running cannot be done, the FLA makes changes, which are irreversible: all or none. The limit patching is an extremely complicated process. There's a valid reason, why the limits weren't hacked before. If you want some changes, (the FLA should do different changes according to different configuration?), obviously you need to run the game once again, with the FLA. There is no nothing to agree with. There is no better choice available. One idea is to make a launcher a launcher where you could choose a server. Like SA:MP
  8. There are total conversions for which the authors want to get the working multiplayer. Just listen to me and we'll have it all done quicker than you'd expect. The total conversions have lots of files modified in GTA SA directory. The official MTA checks if files are not modified. For total conversions we need to be able to compile new binaries, which have the checking functions inactive, possibly with the use of preprocessor constants and preprocessor conditions in the C++ code. Let's solve it! Move forward.
  9. I can make the MTA's game.dll and core.dll compatible with the new limits. But I can't make anything else. I can't make the design changes, possible interface changes. Another part, how do we handle the fact that there should be the MTA edition without file checks, so that the game can be modded completely and total conversions would be possible. Maybe with the help of property sheet file? Give the answers to this.
  10. Is anything being done? Lest we don't wait for the next century for the progress to be made. Now or never.
  11. There could be a custom MTA build, but it should still be a part of the official MTA project, otherwise we'd get "official MTA" / "fastman92 MTA" being two different projects.
  12. http://gtaforums.com/topic/733982-fastman92-limit-adjuster/ -------------------------------- It takes too long. Do the work on the MTA instead of discussing so much how it will be implemented. You will find a way.
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