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  1. Looks Great! I might try it on my server
  2. How did you view the progress ingame as you were coding?
  3. Right, On my stunting server i'm using the RACE Gamemode. How do I remove the vote when 1 person is alive and make it so it roulette's when he dies and remove the race rank and checkpoint in scoreboard?
  4. Colour, i mean I put my name as Os|O#FF0000ranje on scoreboard it shows excactly that.
  5. On the name tags and player list it shows the color code but not the actual color. Can someone help me with this?
  6. Well, I got the 2GB Ram package, To be honest that might be the best. There is a discount code where it takes 15% off, I pay £11/mo
  7. Oranje


    I went to MTAsource.net And downloaded some maps and I got top times etc. What I want to know is how I set this up on my MTA Server.
  8. Alright, Now all I want is to see if people recommend it or not. sockz, Do you like the service?
  9. Yes, I'm going to try it but I got one question. Is there a test server? I want to see what version of MTA and the ping.
  10. I'm looking for hosting in France. From a legit company, I want a MTA Server 32 slot in France. I saw one for £3 and didnt believe it and the website wasn't very convisincing. Please any hosts can post here for me to choose.
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