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  1. function onScriptInit( ) { log("-----------------------------------"); log("My script loaded"); log("-----------------------------------"); return 1; } addEvent("scriptInit", onScriptInit);
  2. I will script for free, just add me on Skype: sjunakovic
  3. @Entity: thanks it works perfectly @TAPL: your's doesn't work to me
  4. GrimReaper

    need help

    function funcContinueToDriveOrWalk(varContinueToDriveOrWalk) if (varContinueToDriveOrWalk == true) then showCursor(true) else showCursor(false) end end bindKey ("mouse2","down",funcContinueToDriveOrWalk,true) bindKey ("mouse2","up",funcContinueToDriveOrWalk,false) this only hides the cursor when i press right button, but it doesnt show the cursor when i release it
  5. can someone give me list of objects with their ids, please?
  6. i need id of object similar to phone object
  7. i have tried the code you gave me, but it only works when i have animation that is assigned by code
  8. GrimReaper

    help pls?

    when player walks and presses key to show gui (while still walking) he becomes frozen, but walking animation is still on. how do i fix this?
  9. is there any id that is similar to this one, but possible to repleace (i cant find the id's list)
  10. sorry, i fixed it now, but i need help with repleacing phone model, (http://files.gtagaming.com/www/files/uploads/0909/GoldiPhoneBeta.zip), it works in original game, but i cant repleace it in mta
  11. this seems not to work exports [ "bone_attach" ]:attachElementToBone ( 330, getLocalPlayer(), 12, 0, 0, 0.01, 0, -50, 0 )
  12. 1. i use this code for repleacing the model, but it crashes: txdPhone = engineLoadTXD("models/cellphone.txd") engineImportTXD(txdPhone,330) dffPhone = engineLoadDFF("models/cellphone.dff",0) engineReplaceModel(dffPhone,330) 2. can u please write me an example of attaching phone to hand
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