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  1. Ahh sorry, i made a command handler , forgot that >.<.
  2. I did it was only this , i just wanted to test if i see the Marker.
  3. no its still not working , i tryed alot and i still dont know why its not working . I just want to script something like a job >.<.
  4. I dont know if i´m doing something wrong but both wont work for me i dont see a Marker .
  5. Hey Guys need help , i want to create a Marker with the Coordinates from the Table. I already did a thread like this but i was too dumb to understand . I hope you understand what i want , i want to create a little job to run into marker then go to another marker etc. . I can script everything else i want to but this is not working for me . local markerst = { <---- Table with Coordinates [1] = { 1, 1, 1}, [2] = { 2, 2, 2}, [3] = { 3, 3, 3}, } function idontgethowtodothis ( ) local x, y, z = i want the coordinates from up there ^ testarker = createMarker( x, y
  6. Driving a vehicle into a Marker , get a new Marker. And after like 10 Random Marker get some Money , but i dont know what goes to the Clientside and what goes to the Serverside.
  7. Twiz.


    Maybe this ? I dont know if you means just for a Player with a Name, or for a kind of Faction ? getPlayerName
  8. Hello guys , its me again. And i got a question , so that i now can work with Table i´ve got the question what do i need for a simple "Markerjob". What parts do i need to put in for the Clientside and what things do i need to put in for the Serverside part ? I hope you´ll understand and can tell me what i need.
  9. thank you ! That really helped me Alot! thank you thank you thank you !
  10. For edit 1 : i believe you could freeze him with the command : "setElementFrozen" . i dont know what you mean with the 2nd edit. Could you tell me again please.
  11. Hello guys , ive got a Question. I have a Table with Coordinates, i tryed everything to create a Marker with the Coordinate but it wont show up can you help me, or show me how i can get the Coordinate out of there to get a Marker with it. Sorry for my Bad english, i hope you can understand / help me. local markerTable = { [1]= "-1697.4000244141, -122.19999694824, 2.5999999046326", [2]= "-1697.4000244141, -122.19999694824, 3.5999999046326", [3]= "-1697.4000244141, -122.19999694824, 4.5999999046326" } local playerBlip = {} local playerMarker = {} local pVeh = { [1] = "Intrud
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