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  1. wow, I fail.. I've been posting nice pics about that map and I just realized via a PM that I never posted any update or a release .... since over a year ago!! well, just to update (incase you want to use in MTA:DM or SA:MP or etc.) I have a finalized version that's been uploaded since a long while on Littlewhitey's MTA:Race server (who's sadly prolly dead now) ... I'll upload it on a ftp and give up the link for anyone who wants it once I found the good version somewhere on my hard drives... must be where I left it last time.....year... sorry >_< and if anyone that is/was playing on LW's server... I'm sorry to have left like that w/o a word... love you all guys (Cygnus/raz0/Alpha/etc)
  2. Knuckles

    Highway Super Race!

    highway races like that are already frequent, lots of people did some and people are getting bored with them. If you just started, I'd suggest you to play on some servers and check up the races, then try to come out with original routes. Like trying to take roads that you almost never saw, or doing them the inverse way than what they are usually taken.
  3. thing is , I've been running in problems on the end part (road parts disappearing and such) due to object limit, I might end up trashing the end and redo it all on another way. I started to make some little maps back so I might work on this one soon
  4. the original going_down wasn't fitting for 32 players, that's why it got deleted. An updated version of it has been put back on the server.
  5. The map release will have to be delayed for a little while... when testing the map in server with lots of people, a part of the map goes missing... I will have to scrap the whole end and redo it somewhere else. The loop back near the previous part of the map kills the object limit. I will need to remove the last part, change the loop part and redo the rest after...
  6. The map is now finished and has been uploaded on Littlewhitey's MTA:SA Server ( port 22003) for real testing. It will be available to download for everyone within a few days.
  7. If you read my last post correctly, I already mentionned that I ran in the object limit problem at the end of my map... I had to remove a lot of decoration items to make sure the "base " of the track would show up. There's 2 places in the map like that so I can't really add anything in those area in fear or having road parts dissapearing
  8. Last update. The map is now lasting 3 mins. On my last test I ended with a time of 3:00:16 so I think I reached my goal... The end of the track isn't the same way the whole race was but it's Alpha that gave me that idea. Sadly I ran in some object limit problems so I had to delete some decoration stuff Anyway, here are the last screenshots: Going down 180degrees turn after the turn, going under some rock overpass The end of the track got damaged by an earthquake, so end of the normal road up on the rock (with Sandking change) The bridge partially intact: where the "partially" takes it's meaning: Entrance to man made tunnel: End of the race, ends where the tunnel collapsed: I will release it soon after some minor adjustements
  9. It's now lasting a good 2 mins, still got a 1 min to go... got some lack of imaginations right now but I will sort that out. Going up after gas station: Rich house far from city in a straight line: Bridge overpassing the road: big right turn going back to the bridge: onto the bridge from earlier:
  10. I've been recently working on an entire custom race map. This is far from any GP maps that seem so popular lately. I've been trying to make a race of a style that "could" have appeared in a racing game. The current version lasts around 1:30 and I plan on makin it last a good 3 mins (so half way there) Here are some screenhots: swirly start, wide enough for 32 players without much bumping. The right exit of the highway, leading out of the city. The first turn out of the city (really fast ambience change) A bit lower down, the road going between both montains The little bridge going over... absolutly nothing (decoration) Tunnel Entrace to the mountain inside In the tunnel. They way up inside the mountain The abandonned Gas station in the turn... kinda normal from it's location That's it for now, will post more once there's more done
  11. yep, I know about that thing I was already makeing a map and ended up with too many objects (and it wasn't even done yet)
  12. --Reposting-- Right now I only did some "good" maps and uploaded them directly do Littlewhitey's server but today I felt like showing them to other people. Most of my maps are following the "Classic" style. Normal races using the SA default layout. I tried to avoid taking routes most mappers take (well, on our server) to make stuff different. I thought about the 32 spawnpoints, good pickup placements, not to distanced checkpoints and so. All my maps follow the same naming system (unoriginal but I keep it ) : Another- DOWNLOAD HERE Here's what's in this pack: 4 Offroad races |-1st is located in the desert part of LV |-2nd is is SF, starting from a big farm (Where you steal the Combine harvester) |-3rd is in LS, on the East side. |-4th is in LS also but on the North side. 1 Normal road race |-In LS, little Sprint through the city. 1 DM |-Custom made Airport Style Arena, it's large yet not too much. I only used Airport stuff as decoration around, same for object within the fighting zone. There's 3 nitro pickups that can be took (from jump) with rs delay and 1 repair over a hole that leads to water. This jump can only be cleared if you have nitro and already have a boost before it. Thanks for leaving your comments I've actually been working on a entire new city layout with a race throught it, it isn't done yet and I wanted to make some little simples ones. I'll post the other one when It'll be done. -Knuckles
  13. I've actually been working on a entire new city layout with a race throught it, it isn't done yet and I wanted to make some little simples ones. I'll post the other one when It'll be done.
  14. oh well, thanks a lot, I wanted to get some good feedbacks on my maps but apparently people just like to advertise or bitch other servers... thanks...
  15. ... going_down was overplayed and we were getting a lot of complains about it so it had to go. We still have the rest of the going-down ones.