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  1. ASM

    Walking Styles

    I dont prefer creating script like that for big servers.
  2. Shaders are faster and better to solve your problem.
  3. Ok, If you wanna have chaos in your code - I dont care.
  4. I am a proffesional lua programmer and also I know C++ so don't tell me what to do. Dont teach me man. CPP (C Plus Plus) is this same as C++.
  5. I wrote about tutorial, not - why we "Should teach people not to use variables if they're only ever going to use them once.". Also i will tell you what I think about your opinion because I totally dont agree with you. Why? Because variables are mutch clear. Example from my code: local speedometer = {} speedometer.active = false --MTA Fixer speedometer.fWidth = 512 speedometer.fHeight = 512 --Real speedometer.rWidth = 290 speedometer.rHeight = 289 speedometer.distFromScreen = 10 speedometer.x = screenX - speedometer.distFromScreen - speedometer.fWidth + ( speedometer.fWidth -
  6. It should be better. For future. local protectedEntitys = { nick = {["nick"] = true,["nick2"]=true} } etc.
  7. I dont agree with you. It teachs how to make gui for every resolution.
  8. I also prefer to implementation a fraction of distance from a camera. Then it look mutch better.
  9. If you wanna make a resoursce using actores i mean zombies, enemies etc. i prefer you to create own AI system. You dont have to do it yourself you can just ask somebody for help.
  10. You can just add them by parts instead of just one. This is what i said.
  11. I don't have to learn lua better. It should be sever side only than.
  12. Just learn scripting at first than try to make harder things.
  13. The best solution to create a new radar is a shader but you can use dxDrawImage() for a rectangle radar.
  14. The versions are ok. Perhaps you should put localPlayer as root.
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