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  1. We're still opened! Contact Sales if you'd like a trail server from us for 3 days. You can also use promo code "THANKSGIVING2012" for 30% off. Click here to Order!
  2. Take a look at my signature, but we don't offer SMS Payments though!
  3. You can find many hosts that use Payment Methods such as OneBIP, Paypal, Alertpay, Google Checkout, etc. but I don't think you will find many that offer CashU. Further more, Good luck!
  4. There's not many out there, Good luck anyways!
  5. You can try - http://www.tcadmin.com/ It's more professional, and easy to use
  6. We have returned! We do apologize for the downtime Note to existing customers: Please check your email if you have registered with us at least 2 weeks before 10/29/2012 to receive your services back! Once again, we do apologize for the downtime and we now guarantee this time better quality, we have new management, also a server with a better uplink port providing more protection on your server, and much more! You can contact Sales at anytime to receive a 3 day trail just to test how our services are. Once again, we deeply apologize for the downtime!
  7. If you are looking for a host, look here: viewforum.php?f=116 - i don't guarantee you will find free providers..
  8. Time is ticking, halloween is coming! Use "SPOOKY" for 40% off - recurring payment on any product. Ends on 10/30/2012!
  9. Sure, just contact Sales and they can set you up a test server.
  10. Tnx For Reply But who i can make the subAccount FTP only for one folder? i check the demo and option is only filemanager Yes, you are able to. Once you have a server you will have both filemanager and FTP features, sub accounts are also included. So that does mean you can limit a sub account to a certain folder. EDIT: I can also setup a test server for you for one day so you can try it out yourself...
  11. All your needs can be provided by AsphireServers www.asphireservers.com
  12. Nice, I'll use it for "various" of reasons
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