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  1. i am a nab all i know i need to go to NAT here is a screen: can you tell me what to complete to open ports for MTA server?
  2. but how to create dff and txd files?
  3. How can i make custom billboards liek this one(this one wsas made from a staff member that was 'kicked and banned' from the team):
  4. can i pay in mounthly bills if yes i will buy in 1-2 days
  5. Hello i am opening a MTA server and i want a host: 50-100 slots(maybe more ) 500MB-1 or more GB of memory FULL FTP access!!!! and max price 10-12 euros (use xe.com to see whats 12 euros is at your currency) PLease only post hosts thatyou are sure theyare trustworthy nto to steal money scripts etc
  6. these variables are defined in the previus function(idk ifthats important i am a noob) so what shall i do?
  7. well i tried but failed: function onPlayerQuit() local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) if (playerAccount) then setAccountData(playerAccount, "sec", sec) setAccountData(playerAccount, "min", min) setAccountData(playerAccount, "hour", hour) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), onPlayerQuit) function onPlayerLogin() local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) if (playerAccount) then local serc = getAccountData(playerAccount, "sec") local min = getAccoun
  8. I have created a script where it counts the time can anyone link to a tutorial where it will save the time in a file or smthing so it will maintain a plyers playtime after script restart or server restart?
  9. I am trying to create an area aroynd a51 but i get a but this is my code: local Radar = createRadarArea ( 384, 1651, -500, 500, -50, 255, 0, 175 ) what the map shows: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/51736887/mta-s ... -18-33.png the bug: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/51736887/mta-s ... -18-36.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/51736887/mta-s ... -18-39.png EDIT:also my MTa crashes every 5 mins PS if i screwed up teh coordinates please tell em the correct ones
  10. I have recently found out that at my server the players are not the same color as their team it is on chat but not on the messages like health and scoreboard can anyone help me
  11. I am looking for a way to remove area 69 fence cause i want to refence and secure teh area i am used a coupe of world remove code incluing the one the wiki says can soneone give me code please?
  12. this scrpt doenst save the team you are on(NOT THE ACL GROUP) the server team like staff etc
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