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  1. I kind of guessed that. Is there any possible fix?
  2. Okay so, we've currently been mapping alot of stuff, yet we're kind of stuck when it comes to our melee damage; When you're on our custom islands, you cannot do any damage to eachother (melee, shooting works), and since our server is 100% based over melee fights, that gives us quite a problem I'd just like to point out that you can damage eachother when in LS (when inside the F11 map) Whenever you hit someone, the other player doesn't even react to the hit (he doesn't fall back or anything) Any idea on what's causing this? And a possible fix?
  3. It is possible, I have seen it been done before.
  4. As the title says, are there any way of adding an interior to all dimensions; We've mapped a custom interior, and are gonna make it like a "standard" interior, for all boats to use (you can enter the boat) Yet, each boat got it's own dimension for the interior, so players won't run into eachother when entering their boat. So, is there any way I could make a .map file, be in all dimensions?
  5. Uhm, am I mistaken, or did the original creator of the script not leak it himself? Lol.
  6. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=960 -From a single search here on the forums, I found a guy linking to that.
  7. I'll just have to bump this as I've seen several people with the same problem, but no solution
  8. Changed the first code to this; function spawnFirst () setPlayerTeam (source, Civil) end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), spawnFirst ) He never called his function, and when he afterwards did, it interfeered with his spawn system, works now.
  9. http://www.sendspace.com/file/favggu - Download that, and place it in your "server\mods\deathmatch" folder, and then start your server, afterwards tents and players should save, and vehicles should spawn.
  10. Added on skype, it'll go alot more smooth there, I'll return with the solution and problem.
  11. Worst part is that with the current mobile techonology, it's actually possible.. :3
  12. Can't wait to see how this turns out, haha, looks great mate.
  13. Please post the full code of the first code, include the eventHandler too, and it's onClientPlayerSpawn, did you try to make the script client-sided?
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