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    I am interested in learning lua and making MTA Servers
  1. I am understanding what you say and I was thinking the same would happen in my case but I wanted to be sure before making this call, I have the funds I need to buy a proper server and I havea location where I don't need to pay any electricity bills, so I think that a server would do.... probably i'll return to develop on this but now I am too tired, thanks for the help.
  2. Hi guys, I have a PC that I want to transform in my own hosting server. Specs: - 2.50 Ghz QuadCore CPU - 2 GB RAM (currently) i want to add 2 gb more (maximum amount for that motherboard) - 250 GB HDD So I was wondering how many slots I can host with this settings considering that I want to make an RPG server with pretty much all the stuff that it needs (jobs, factions, turfs, etc.) I must add that I want to use this computer only for hosting the server, MYSQL db, and website/forum and I was thinking to use Linux as OS. And if some of you knows how much power does the server consumes in
  3. Oh, thanks a lot for the suggestion Can you give me an example of a host that I can use?!
  4. Yes but must be a way that makes the score to be saved, it exactly the same like Level in RolePlay
  5. I don't want to be rude or not polite but if you don't know don't botther to answer, in the server cafg file you get "httpdwnloadurl" and there says that you can host your client files outside your computer on a server file host so you can send them to players faster, I foun that after posting this thread, the only problem is taht you'll have to make your server stable and don't make changes on it after you upload youre resources and all will be fine....
  6. Sincerely I don't know either but in the server functions on MTA wiki I would't been able to find something related to score so I just changet getPlayerMoney into getScore (I used getPlayerScore first but did't worked)
  7. and on server comand window it says: "attempt to call global 'getScore' "
  8. The extra end was put by me from mistake but in the original code that I made it was no extra end
  9. After this code that is working: function onPlayerQuit() local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) if (playerAccount) then local playerMoney = getPlayerMoney(source) setAccountData(playerAccount, "player.money", playerMoney) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), onPlayerQuit) function onPlayerLogin() local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) if (playerAccount) then local playerMoney = getAccountData(playerAccount, "player.money") if (playerMoney) then
  10. Hi guys! I have tryied again and again to make the player Score saveable on player quit but I had no luck, can anyone give me a little script that makes that thing?! I must add that I have Login Panel so every player have an account, or can play as a guest (the score must not be saved for guests only for registered players) Thanks!
  11. doesn't work, the tank after 1 rocket explodes but when is a player in becomes invulnerable and whit other fireweapons you can't do nothing against it.....
  12. the problem is the tank is invulnerable i shoot about 20 rockets to him and the healt was at 100% and I need the tank to not blow the cars when he touches them, the only moment when the tank was losing healt was when you colide whit some objects...
  13. Hi guys! I would to know how can I make the tank from invulnerable to vulnerable, because in my servere when a player is in a tank noone can kill him.... Thanks!
  14. I don't want to be rude but when do you think you can release the next version:) Its only informative
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