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  1. sorry for late reply. i totally forgot about this topic lol. btw, my map editor is lagging when it auto-saves my map. and could be a problem with "Cannot save map while ......?....."
  2. How can I disable auto save on map editor?
  3. Same here. If it's a bug, I hope it will be fixed on the next version(or whatever you call it here).
  4. Hi, I've been facing this problem since long time ago every time I placed too many objects. My map editor draw distance becomes low after I placed too many objects. Is there any way to fix it?
  5. Title says it all. Where can I get/download it?
  6. Hey guys, is there any mta race-dm to sa-mp converter? I mean that will convert mta pickups, objects and velocity to SAMP(PAWN).
  7. hey all, im making a map in mta map editor(a race map). i want to add a pickup in my map(nos, repair, vehiclechange), but the pickups wont show after i pressed F5(test). screens:
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