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  1. it's giving me a blue screen and writed on it : The gamomode soesn't have right type /aclrequest aspect allow all .... and I did it But nothing happen Help plz
  2. and how to fix that reason of kick : Your computer works too slowly min 18fps I keep making that fps higher I make it min1000 fps even that it's kicking me again
  3. Guys my server keep giving lags to players and and keep kicking them and kicking me and this is so shy , the owner get kicked by his server for that FPS limit and ping and I never get kicked in other servers and it's keep giving me network trouble pls help me I'll be so thankful if u did this for me
  4. Hi I have some questions I hope u can answer me 1- how to promote some one as admin from server with go to acl.xml and when I put my self into admins group and head admins group and when I chat I only see in the admin Tag {ADMIN} Not headadmin and when i delete my self from admin group i gets in chat {head admin} but when I press F1 it's says ur not admin tell a way to get head admin in chat and have acces to F1 admin panel 2- i have 2 join and 2 quit messages in my server the first own by the freeroam gamemode and the secon own by basemode gamemode i want to delete the old one wich ow
  5. Astronaut


    I've added a Panel resources and I changed somethings and now it's giving me error : bad header in precompiled chunk and I just change that when u enter u see PANEL By: ****** i just want to delete this line ty!
  6. Exactly, This is it! But this is showing me ADMIN but i should be Head admin and ty!
  7. Hey It's me again I dont see the admin level before the name in chat exapmle: {HeadAdmin} ASTRO: Hi etc ... I wish u have any ideas for me ty!
  8. Astronaut

    little favor pls

    Alright, I did it thank you
  9. Astronaut

    little favor pls

    Can u tell me how pls i dont know the way
  10. Astronaut

    little favor pls

    Hi all I'm newbie in MTA and i want make my own basemode server can someone pls tell how to change the gamemode and turn it to basemode it's now a freeroam server ty!
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