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  1. I´m happy to announce that the morgvka map ( ) has released a beta version of it. There are a couple more cities than those showed on the video and an easter egg that we hope that you find .This map it is going to be available for anyone who supports our map. This is completely OPTIONAL. You have permission to use this map on your server but you have to give the credits to us. For those who would like to support and receive the beta test (Your Support will help me pay some scripters to help me build the map with more objects, scripts and maybe more easter eggs): https://sellfy.com/p/7mk
  2. This map is on dev stage, the beta test should be released before Christmas of 2015 and it´s preddicted to be ready until Summer of 2016. Here are some pics of the map and enjoy it. For more details add me on skype: sir.best Name on Skype: Tarles a.k.a GrinNeX | Sponsored by BIG |
  3. Uhm gonna delete it then
  4. Idk my friend gave it to me and told me to create a server with that but i din´t that´s why i´m selling. Sorry if the roleplay is bad if it´s bad tell me that i won´t sell it
  5. Hey guys i have finished doing my first script its for RolePlay how you guys see at the name of the topic ([Paid] Injury system for roleplay) add skype if you wanna buy it: sir.best its only 1,00 Euro
  6. Guys go to this website http://bestplayersclan.webs.com/bp-shop and go down and read the informations and do what they say its only 4.50 Euros Its very good and i myself buy it .
  7. Bom eu sou um scripter, desculpa levar tanto tempo a responder. Sei falar ingles muito bem, ate ja fui em Inglaterra, e se o pagseguro for o PaySafeCard, cobro em euros, 10 Euros a mes desculpa o preço mas e mais ou menos esse preço que os scripters cobram. Estarei disposto a ajudar em qualquer coisa, se quiser me adicione no skype: sir.best
  8. Bom como vcs viram no nome do topicO (BP| Best Players DeathMatch [Novo]) eu tenho um novo servidor de mta onde tem UserPanel Level-System Archivements Status exemplo:[im Rich, Get Started, Milionare, etc) Cash Shop bom na minha opiniao e um servidor muito legal, entao confiram: mtasa://
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