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  1. Chicken on the Bridge - Players start at opposite ends of a bridge and drive towards each other. The object is to try to cause the other vehicle to either blow up or be knocked into the water. Ride Race - A player can request a ride, and instead of other players offering a ride, players compete to see who can reach the person first.
  2. Does someone know where the Packer is in v0.2?
  3. BigMac


    What is the best way to use the MP3 Randomizer with MTA:VC? Would any specific command-line properties need to be entered?
  4. I like this idea, as it is a common system on many online games. Regarding banning cheaters, I agree that sometimes innocent people are unfairly accused, and occasionally, an alternate user on one machine can get banned, and that would affect another innocent player who uses the same machine. Maybe it would be more efficient if admins first temp-banned an alleged cheater (for a week, or however long admin feels is necessary), and then perma-ban on the second offense.
  5. That sounds good! Hopefully drive-by shootings and helicopter fire will be supported in the next release.
  6. Copter Wars: Two or more players find a helicopter (preferably helicopters which are similar to those of other participating players) and try to knock each other out of the sky. The last remaining helicopter wins.
  7. BigMac


    hehe...and I think I saw a hearse somewhere (though it was probably the limo).
  8. Or maybe a race taking place on both main islands? A player could start on the south side of both islands (one on each island) and race to the north tip, while two more players could be waiting on the north end (to verify and indicate the winner).
  9. Well maybe someone might come up with something new eventually.
  10. That's a great idea...to have the ability to hand over weapons and money.
  11. I'm adding the enitre MTA team to my Christmas list.
  12. One of my favorites as well (though it can be hard targeting another copter while flying).
  13. Post any games or activities you know of or have come up with in MTA:VC. Here are some I have participated in: Cops and Robbers A player steals the security vehicle from the bank and tries to avoid or kill other players chasing them in police cars. Domination Players try to claim and defend a location (usually Vercetti Estate) from attackers. Helicopter Wars Players try to knock each other out of the sky.
  14. If you honk your horn, would nearby players be able to hear it? Also, if you change the radio station while in a car (say, to Wave) and then you exit the car, would the next player to get in the car hear that same station?
  15. Maybe this could be done where, if you want to ride as a passenger, you would have to get in on that side (which is usually how it works in real-life).
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