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  1. Its sad that nothing had happened. Could you at least make 1 little sub-section in any section: "Destruction Derby"? It would be enough I guess, and much better than nothing
  2. Ransom, a conception has been changed. It is not possible to play on 'Destruction Derby' map nowadays, because it will be long and boring camping. Yes, this map is DD, but the conception is another - to kill by HP only, such map is like Cops'n'Robbers, its another DD, like in games - Flat Out, Destruction Derby. One guy wanted to make a branch of DD based on this idea: the person who is attacking is getting points and HP. So the most active one will win. This should be interesting. It was not possible to make it in the first versions of MTA 1.0.x, but I guess its possible since MTA supports the event of car-touch. May be someone will do, I am sure it will be fun. Last 5-6 years the ideas of Wankenstein and Cross DD are popular. 1) Difficult Repair (possibility to block it) 2) killing by push in water, - it needs skill from player and as result its more interesting for players. Its sad that people stoped to make smth really new, we see hunderds of variations of Cross'es. DD needs more different maps with other cars, not only Cheetah, and with new conceptions. I can not understand why people dont like 'Destruction Water', its cool conception, and its one of the first DD maps in MTA. I really dont like what happened with [DM] maps. Nowadays it is 'Loops-Loops-Loops', all the maps are the same and boring. Oldschool DM maps without ghostmode were really fun and maps were different and unique, the projects of authors' imagination. And new generations of players I am sure even dont know how DM was, they only see this boring 'TrackMania' made in 'MTA'.
  3. I am fully agree with you. But I think that 'gamemodes' sections wont bеcome very popular immediately, so for the first time you can try current moderators of the forum who are playing these gamemodes. I understand that future 'gamemode' moderators should be well-known, respectable, neutral in the community and adequate people. Idk many options, I can only suggest may be 'Deagle' for DM and DD. People are inert. Until you dont create the sections, they wont set out. I am wondered why nobody before me did suggest gamemodes categories for the forum.
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/73694662@N08 who remembers
  5. I dont understand why you told that. Yes, some servers have own specific gamemode, like Zombie, RPG, Drifting, Trucking. How many such servers do you know? I know 7-8 servers in the whole MTA, and they really have own forums, because its the best way for them and THEY ARE SINGLE. While other gamemodes have great number of same type servers, like Race, DD, DM, Shooting (Base, Tactics, others). Especially it is topical for DD, its like a separate game, and it has no main site. 10-15 servers where only DD maps and only DD players. Sure, some owners can add own ideas/scripts in gamemode, but it doesnt change the sence, its still the same gamemode. And the specific of the DD is that its like a Counter-Strike, we need to be in contact for clanwars and last news. And its problem that one part of community dont know about other part of community, and there are no central site for that. (now I feel like a parrot, repeating the same words, or you didnt read my previous replies)
  6. Managers of this forum, please dont be so sceptics. I can understand that you may be have no time on developing the site. But creating a new section (which is really needed) with Gamemodes (Race/DD/DM/Shooting/Other) - is not a big deal! I feel like I speak with vacuum. Its very disrespectfully to ignore people. Yes you made this game and its great result. But we play this game. We are devoted to MTA for many years. And we brought many people in this game. Give us an answer - "yes" or "no".
  7. This bug appeared since MTA 1.1 or 1.0.5. First versions didnt have this bug. Especially its very annoying at DD
  8. If some the administrators are asking themselves: "Who is this newbie saying us what to do?" So, I will try to introduce myself shortly . I had account here before - memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=43670 - but lost my password, so created a new one. My old and better known nickname is Zaya. I am playing MTA (mostly DD) since 2007, from client version [MTA Race 1.1.1]. Since 2009 I am actively developing and popularizing Destruction Derby gamemode. In October 2009 with my team we made 2nd DD server in MTA 1.0, which was the most popular for a long time, and still is a standard. Our clan GMC had significant influence in DD and formed a huge community of DD players. Also I created many very popular DD maps. I know almost everything about DD, and its problems. So I know what I speak about when suggest smth like this. The problem I described above is real, and the only and best way to fix it is creating what I suggested. I am not 100% sure that it will help to gather all DD communities, but may be till some time it will happen and you will see there many specific stuff which will be useful and interesting for DD players and clans - - contacts of DD-only clans who are ready to play clanwars, - DD leagues, championships or other events announcements, - DD Stunting videos (now you need to search it among many sites and forums), - discussions about DD servers, maps, players, - and a lot of other different specific argues and discussions which are interesting only for DD communities
  9. http://www.gmc-team.w2c.ru/28-rip-gmc.html
  10. Solidsnake, is "Servers" the only reason of rejection this idea? I wrote above: If the section ('Servers') will have only similiar types of topics, and will be placed in specific section, then it will be convinient for the users who play DD. Anyway, if you dont like this, its not the main sub-section of the DD-forum I suggested. But if to make the DD section, the 'Servers' is really needed because the existing common 'Servers' section is like a dump, and there are about 15-20 DD servers in MTA. Main reason why I suggest this idea is that nowadays DD players are divided between a lot of servers and do not know about existing of each other. They have no main central site, and MTA Forum do not support such option unfortunely. And it means that players have much less clanwars, tournaments than they could have, and they dont know about newest things happening in all community. I didnt say that you should create a Sub-Forum only for DD. I also suggested that you can make similiar things for other very popular gamemodes. It is normal, and I really dont understand why its still not created here. I am sure that 80% of the players who like [DM] will not read and be interested in [Race] or [shooting] gamemodes. Each gamemode of MTA looks like separate game, so the existing sections like 'Maps', 'Servers', 'Leagues and events', 'Gangs' are looking like a dump. What sence to make topics there if there are all-in. For example 'Maps', if I make there topic about DD, Base or Race map, till some days it will be somewhere in the far page and among 1000 similiar [DM]-youtube videos. Same with other sections, no sence to post there cuz of such a "dump". This problem is stopping MTA developing as community. Everyone here will confirm you that the Gamemodes should be divided. I had asked a lot of people about this idea, and everyone said that it would be very good and useful, it probably will make this mode (and other modes with similiar problem) much more popular. If you say that someone can create separate site/forum/project only for DD, I will say that its very bad idea, because: * It wont be independent, because someone will host and manage it * It wont be 'one place for all', because no guarantee that all will recognize it as central place for contacts. Also no guarantee that all will know about it * It wont be neutral, because in case of any conflict it can be crashed as 'central place' * No guarantee that it always will be online and actively be managed because such projects are made by enthusiasts MTA site is well known for everyone who play this game. And it is neutral, independent, a priori central place, online until MTA exists, and the future gamemodes' sections will no need in 'leaders' or 'organizers'. It can looks like: Gamemodes Race ---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion DeathMatch ---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion Destruction Derby ---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion All shooting Gamemodes ---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion Other Gamemodes (e.g. RPG, Freeroam, Zombie) ---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion You can try to make only DD section as an experiment, we will see how will it be till 3-4 monthes. I dont know about other gamemodes, but DD, Race and Shooting modes really need it so much, its sad that it wasnt created before.
  11. Да Европа, но и у России там пинг нормальный, даже у Латинской Америки вполне сносный. Одно время на этом ВПС держали сайт клана и 2 сервера посещаемых.