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  1. but i want it to check many ped if they are killed or no , I prefer using Dev and Kenix way I think is better
  2. thx a lot guys , the problem is resolved now
  3. thx a lot bro emm sorry but i have a last request , if i want to add a new ped , that mean the 3 ped must be dead not only 2 to take the money ? how to add it ? and thx a lot again for you'r help
  4. thank you , but what is the group (world sound group)of the ammunation ? interior 7
  5. i need it when the 2 peds are dead not only 1 of them , "or" mean ped1 or ped2 , not both of them right ?
  6. How to disable the sound in the ammunation ? ( interior 7 , Dimension 1)
  7. thank you very much Dev , but if i create another ped , how to check if those 2 ped is dead or no ? i tried : if ( source == criminal1 )and( source == criminal2 ) then but i failed
  8. Bahoma


    thx , but how to make the Timer visible on player screen ?
  9. Bahoma


    I'm creating a jail script , everything going good but now i have a problem , i don't know how to create a timer ( for example when player have 1 stars and he is jailed , he must stay in jail and see in his screen 40sec ( countdown) and when the 40sec pass , he will go out .) pliz how to put it ? thx for the help guys
  10. i want to show the created ped only for client , but i failed .... that's why i moved it to server side . thx for the help but "onPedWasted" must used after closing the function right ? and i created the ped into the functions , can you give me an example pliz
  11. hi guys , i m working on shooting mission script , for that i created some Ped ( bots ) , my problem is that i wanted to use isPedDead to check if the Ped is dead or no , if the Ped is dead , the player will take 1k. I need to create the Ped in Client or server side ? i tried a lot of way but i failed a lot of time , i hope that one of you will help me , thx function checkkills () criminal5 = createPed ( 28, 293.54177856445,-147.95318603516,1004.0625 ,-90 ) setElementFrozen (criminal5 ,true) if isPedDead(criminal5) then givePlayerMoney ( thePlayer, 1000 ) end end addEvent("checkki
  12. وشو أعمل مع هذا ؟ http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=3251
  13. لا ، قصدي دمج سكريبت السجن مع البوتون
  14. سوف اشرح لك بالنجليزي مرة أخرى look its simple , the jail panel made by Al3grab (http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=3251) work when you use /jail , i want to change this , i want to add Button called jail , and when you press this button , the jail panel will be appeared . يرحم والديك يا أخي على المساعدة
  15. شكرا يا أخ ، جزاك الله خيرا ، لكن أنت أيضا لم تفهمني ، إممم يمكن إذا أوضح لكم بالإنجليزي سوف تفهمون طلبي I have the jail script ( this one http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=3251 ) i want to modife it , i want that jail panel will not be called when you type (/jail ) , i want to merge it with a button ( onClientGUIClick) , so when i clique on the button , the jail panel will be shown المعذرة لكن عند استعمالي اللغة الانجليزية أعتقد انكم ستفهمون ، شكرا مرة أخرى
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