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  1. Ok thanks it only can be this two s arguments: rotationCenterOffsetX: the absolute X offset from the image center for which to rotate the image from. rotationCenterOffsetY: the absolute Y offset from the image center for which to rotate the image from. Can you show me an example how it would work with this rotation?
  2. Hi everyone, I want to draw an Image Section from an Image. This is the full image I want to draw for example only the Section within the red rectangle. How i can make the rotation ? In game it should look like the rectangle, with the rotation of 0? like that
  3. How i can list the resource prox in the webpanel, so that i can show or download every file from the resource for Example so that I see the file then? and how do I install the PHP SDK?
  4. Ok i had found the problem I renamed the row Key in the Database and now it works!
  5. I have a problem function existsBetaKey (key) local query = dbQuery ( handler, "SELECT * FROM betakeys WHERE Key=?",key ) result , numrows, errmsg = dbPoll (query, -1) local row = result[1] if row then return true else return false end end db.log error: 2013-07-20 16:06:46.840: [script] FAIL: (1064) You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Key ='8201-2349-3772-3253'' at li
  6. For every carhouse there would be createt an table where the names of the cars which you can buy in the carhouse are written
  7. Thats the function how I get carhouses: carhouses = 0 local query = dbQuery ( handler, "SELECT * FROM carhouse_names") for i, row in pairs (dbPoll(query, -1)) do setElementData (root, "house"..row.ID, row.Name) carhouses = carhouses + 1 end
  8. carhouses is an value which I get from an Mysql database index
  9. no i want to create 15 (carhouses value) tables: carhousetable1k carhousetable2k carhousetable3k carhousetable4k carhousetable5k ...
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