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  1. Can you explain or write all script which I want. I don't know where and what I need to write, I tried, but nothing . Please, make a full script with my directed groups: Owners, Admins, Vips.
  2. Please help me: Is that possible to make a script which looks if that player is one of the 3 or more ACLS: It only works for Owner, because he is the first of the other groups - why? If I will change the places of Owner and Admin then it only will work for Admin. if I will change the places of Owner and Vip then it only will work for Vip... Or with Admin and Vip - it will work only for Owner, but no difference... Closed_Gates_1 = createObject ( 986, 123.599998474120, 1931.800048828100, 15.500000000000, 0, 0, 270 ) addCommandHandler ( "OG1", function ( Open_Gates_1 )
  3. What if I don't need an internet when I am creating, scripting and I want to compile? I see that mta team made a compiler into their (this) website, BUT they could create a program, which don't need an internet - I wrote about it in another comment. Yesterday my server was working perfectly, but today, after game and server versions updates - like... 1.3.4-9.05893.0 For example: Yesterday: ================================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.3.1 ================================================================== = Server name : GTA:
  4. .lua ===> .LUA_28WL (Created, edited by me) ///// .lua ===> .lua_dayz (Created, edited by me). Downloaded from websites, searched, watched youtube, downloaded from the servers... Officially mtadayz website... From everywhere, I don't remember and I don't care about it... I just want to fix my server. I was creating this MTA:SA DayZ Version [www.28WL.TK 28 Weeks Later After Virus Infection DayZ] server from about 2013-03-01 to 2013-10-29... I have about 95% .lua (uncodded) and 5% (codded) .lua_dayz files for DayZ. So, I can't compile any .lua_dayz, .sfx and that is why I can't play in
  5. No, I have in my computer... DayZ for my server is unique, there are new clothes, food, drinks, trashes, weapons, ammo (everything almost are renamed...) and other systems (.LUA_28WL)..., no bugs like: SurvivorSystem_client.lua, other... for free downloading with errors and no protection, made by FUC*ING Marvin - noob. So, suggest me what to do... I know that my server is the best of the bests (DayZ), because how I said...
  6. And how I can re-compile KDR.sfx, ERROR, already compiled - WHAT THE HELL? Something like that also: login_server.lua_dayz??? Hahahaha, HOW? And what the F~~~!? When I connect to my server, after downloading, my MTA turns off and write errors... Version = 1.3.4-release-5893.0.000 Time = Tue Oct 29 17:16:47 2013 Module = C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x001371AC EAX=00749100 EBX=0028F338 ECX=00000000 EDX=E3AEABF0 ESI=1C7017F4 EDI=00000000 EBP=04D7DEB0 ESP=0028F2CC EIP=005371AC FLG=00210246 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B
  7. Hello, I need a help. I've got an error on starting server, it says that my compiled .luac_NAME resources are out of... Get your eyes on this: [2013-10-29 15:21:54] WARNING: Script warning: Aftomat\AftomatAK.LUA_BBC is invalid and will not work in future versions. Please re-compile at http://luac.mtasa.com/ - On this page only compiles to .luac, as you see I want a custom name and let it work fine. Any help? Also, if you can, please create a program which don't need any internet to compile directed files. HOW YOU THINK I WILL GET .lua_dayz codded to the newest 1.3.4 versions? These 1.3.4 v.
  8. Brolis


    Still not working...
  9. And I have txdworkshop, look at the name of icon, icon name is for cane, fuc* this model authors, they saying this model is for cane and finnaly this model is for fire ex.? 0_o, Sorry TAPL, but I can't find any models I need to my server...
  10. These files is for cane model and not a fire ex.... just looks like fire ex..., but authors created this model with .txd and .dff to cane, not to f.x.... Everything should be okay, but... Game crashes... If you say, that this model is fire ex. when you should try this model by yourself and you'll see, that that is not fire ex. this is Cane, just model look like fire ex... Dude, you maked me angry with your words about fire ex.
  11. No effect by replacing position of a simply text ""... http://www.mediafire.com/?qgy85wkf0k2yr3b
  12. Hello, I really need a help at this moment... Then I change .dff of tec9, cane, dildo, shovel in my server and when i join it crashes my and other people game... I hate this fu**ing shit, idk why that happens - MTA BUG?!???? IDK... This is cane weapon replacement file: replace.lua txd = engineLoadTXD("326.txd") engineImportTXD(txd, 326) dff = engineLoadDFF("326.dff", 326) engineReplaceModel(dff, 326) file: meta.xml type="misc" name="Skin replacement" author="Unknown" description="" version="1" /> "326.txd" /> "326.dff" /> Game crashes after I
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