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  1. Hey, everyone! I've seen the weapon's reloading on one server. It's when u press "r" then you're reloading (like when you spend all bullets in the clip). So, while reloading, you can move (it changes just the animation of hands). Well, I want to know how can it be realized? P.S.: I've read this article already, but still don't know the solution
  2. Do you want a joke? This script works on client-side and doesn't on server-side. so -- <script src="script.lua" type="client" /> [b]function[/b] trace() local x, y, z = getCameraMatrix() outputChatBox("x: "..math.ceil(x).."; y: "..math.ceil(y)) [b]end[/b] addCommandHandler("t", trace) -- works! Nevermind, I've understood I don't need server to know camera's position of all players. Well, the task is completed. Anyway, thx to everyone who has tried to help!
  3. yep, this file is on server-side. Jaysds1, that isn't i want. yeah, this work, but everytime camera's x (either y) are the same of player's x (and y). I needn't know the player's position, but camera's. If change the position after the first time, there is the test again. Why does it happen?
  4. Hey, Everyone! My question is how can I record the camera's position? Why doesn't it work? [b]function[/b] trace(player) [b]local [/b]x, y, z = getCameraMatrix(player) [b]outputChatBox[/b]("x: "..tostring(x).."; y: "..tostring(y).."; z: "..tostring(z), player) [b]end[/b] ----- [b]addCommandHandler[/b]("t", trace) It always prints: I don't understand why x is false, y and z are undefined. Please, help!
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