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  1. King12


    Actually they weren't showing before the update (even with a default timecyc.dat), but now they do. There has to be an option to enable/disable them.
  2. King12


    I don't know about the thread poster, but I tried installing a fresh GTA:SA and they still appear.
  3. King12


    This happened after recent updates. I see some stars, and the moon too.
  4. King12

    MTA Loading Delay

    Posted the same issue a year ago and it didn't get any attention, looks like this one will be the same.
  5. King12

    MTA Loading Delay

    Hello there, I've been facing this issue for roughly 2 years, but never cared about it, and it's getting a bit annoying now. The problem is, that my game takes 30 seconds to start and load correctly. Also, I always get this message when the game starts. http://prntscr.com/l3n1n3 MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/297658147 PML: https://upload.mtasa.com/u/148387134/Logfile.PML_
  6. Hello there, I don't know what is wrong but my vps isn't allowing clients to download files such as [map scripts, songs etc..] HTTP server file mismatch (freeroam) fr_client.lua [Got size:57088 MD5:A2FADFBEAEC9C87916AA217E82E8DEAC, wanted MD5:92D420578F6D170C6796A5F70FBA4A6D] Download error: HTTP server file mismatch (freeroam) fr_client.lua [Got size:57088 MD5:A2FADFBEAEC9C87916AA217E82E8DEAC, wanted MD5:92D420578F6D170C6796A5F70FBA4A6D] Download error: Error downloading requested files. HTTP response code said error. [The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found] [music.mp3]
  7. addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() setPlayerHudComponentVisible( "crosshair", false ) end ) and for the meta: <meta> <script src="client.lua" type="client"/> </meta> It's better to have the resource on a separate folder, I don't recommend adding it to editor gamemode.
  8. -- Client side setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( "crosshair", false ) -- or this to hide every HUD component setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( "all", false )
  9. It's the fact that I want to replace the dff model of the canopy itself, and I actually tried a shader to make the parachute disappear but failed, since I really don't know anything about shaders. As you can see sometimes it disappears and sometimes not. struct PSInput { float4 Diffuse : COLOR0; }; float4 PixelShaderFunction( PSInput PS ) : COLOR0 { float4 color = PS.Diffuse; color.a = 0; return color; } technique { pass p0 { AlphaBlendEnable = TRUE; DestBlend = INVSRCALPHA;
  10. In order to poll the password you have to do it this way: SERV_LAUNCH_PW = exports.db:sqlQuery("SELECT server_launch_pw FROM server_vars") local result = dbPoll (SERV_LAUNCH_PW, -1) if #result > 0 then local password = SERV_LAUNCH_PW[1].server_launch_pw; outputChatBox(password) end for the dbPoll, you can try this: -- use the database connection variable in (connection). function _Query (...) if connection then local queryS = dbQuery(connection, ... ) local result = dbPoll(queryS,-1) return result else return false end end -- Usage: local SERV_LAUNCH_PW = _Quer
  11. The problem is, I couldn't find the dff ID for the parachute canopy (or something that changes it).
  12. local gRow = guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( gridlist1 ) if gRow >= 0 then -- player selected something else end guiGridListGetSelectedItem will return -1 for Row if an item wasn't selected.
  13. Hello there, I have looked everywhere but couldn't find anything. Does anyone have an idea about the parachute canopy dff model ID? or a way to replace it instead of .png shaders?
  14. King12

    MTA client start time

    This is the dump file, if you are interested. https://upload.mtasa.com/u/329386214/client_1.5.5-release-11790.1.000_core_0001d53e_5_CPxMb_00000000_55F3_4A8_F5A03_20171222_0454.zip_
  15. Hello there, lately I've been facing an annoying issue with my client, it takes like 30-60 seconds to startup the game. It started happening after I installed Corsair Utility Engine (A tool to control your keyobard). My MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/366419670
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