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  1. New!! If you'd like additional slots (such as over the max. we require or unlimited) please contact our Sales Department.
  2. GTA San Andreas, more realistic and...it's just more fun...Although, we sell MTA at Galaxy...we prefer the Sales for GTA
  3. I would recommend you using TCAdmin, very easy way to Control, and Host the server.
  4. Please remember you can use "GALAXYHOSTING10" for a 10% discount. Once again, Thank you for choosing us as your provider...you won't regret your decision. I'm also working on getting our Demo Server up, be patient with me!
  5. Our website and servers are back online, sorry for the inconvenience. Prices changed to $0.15 per slot.
  6. The server is online, but not reachable..Yes. Our techs are looking into this, thanks for reporting this issue.
  7. I will have the information requested up soon, Thank you for the recommendation.
  8. Hello, We provide free MySQL Databases with each order. I will have our test server turned online. We use TCAdmin as our control panel, and we have tweaked it to improve the performance of the panel. (Some hosts panels take a while to load each page, etc.) EDIT: Here is out Test Server IP Address,
  9. There service is great, I would recommend them if your looking at Hosting your MTA server off a VPS.
  10. Please add GalaxyHost, http://www.galaxy-host.co/
  11. Hello All MTA Users! We have recently opened and have been getting a lot of clients, and becoming bigger and bigger each hour. We have staff all around the clock ready to answer Your Live Chat requests/Your ticket whenever you open one. And were please to announce publicly to you, we are selling MTA servers for $0.15 Per Slot with the Best Quality you can ever receive! http://www.galaxy-host.co/billing/cart. ... roduct&i=0 Currently, we only have one location which is in Texas, USA. We have multiple ways you can contact support, by checking this page. Thank you. Test Server: 208.115
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