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  1. Have you found my map. He is in the format. Map, fine. Now we just have to create the meta.xml, right? And what I put in it? I downloaded 1 map and meta.xml was this: <meta> <info gamemodes="race" type="map" name="Dinghy Race" author="Donfrancisco" version="1.0.0" /> <map src="Dinghy Race.map" dimension="0" /> <settings> <setting name="#skins" value='[ "cj" ]' /> <setting name="#maxplayers" value="[ 128 ]" /> <setting name="#gamespeed" value="[ 1 ]" /> <setting name="#ghostmode" value='[ "tru
  2. Hello! I created a map for "map editor" within the MTA. Already accessed one site and converted this map to a code. Now I would like to know where to place this code. I would like to know how to put this map on my server MTA!
  3. You could replace these values ​​with any example? Thanks...
  4. What? O_o I do not quite understand, I'm Portuguese, my English is not so good.
  5. But how do I apply this script to the resource? It's not working.
  6. Could add to this script code that prohibits the use of color codes? Thank you.
  7. Hello I have a resource login and registration here, but I do not know what is the function to block certain characters and color codes. I wonder what is the function that prevents the creation of accounts with special characters and colors. Thank you.
  8. Dinossauro


    Can you tell which function used to prohibit certain codes on login? For example, it can create nicks with color codes .. ex ¹: # ff0000LosT; ff0055Lost # .... And certain characters such as: ! / \. ° ¹ ² ³ ¹ ² ... Thanks!
  9. In the file there are several txds, ie the function will apply: engineImportTXD there is no one with the name: A51, could copy this? Because I'm confused. And where to put these txds are on file?
  10. How do I change this? Could you give an example?
  11. Hello I found this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TkHNqlbLve8 If we apply it in GTA it modifies the base 51. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?0jty7aoyo486930 I was wondering if it is possible to make a script of what to MTA Thanks!
  12. To remove, for example the LV-Pirate Boat, as it did?
  13. And as the use? How to combine? Could you explain, please?
  14. Hello I wish I knew how to edit objects own GTA? Example: LV-Pirate Boat I wonder how to remove and edit! Please help me, grateful.
  15. I wanted something like this: Who would use the command /exit back to the server with the ammunition, who uses the /quit or /reconnect not. /exit = /sair Please, help-me!
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